3 Perfect Types of Flower for Your Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal Ring

A romantic bouquet of flowers doesn’t guarantee an “I do!”, but it always plays an important factor.

Congratulations for deciding to propose to your girlfriend. It is a courageous move. It will not be easy, but listen to your heart. If you are confident that she is going to say yes, chances are, she will. Nobody knows her better than you.

In this guide, we at BLOOM2U.com want to show you how to choose the right type of flowers for your wedding proposal so that it can go smoothly with your girlfriend saying “Yes, I do!”


Lucien Lelong Pink Rose Bouquet

You can never go wrong with roses.

It is a classic romantic flower that will get the heart of almost every girl you meet.

A woman gets the feeling of being loved when you present her with a bouquet of fresh roses. She will feel special too. Make the moment more romantic by adding in a little element of surprise element when you show her the bouquet.

Although not many women care about it these days, there are certain meaning associated with the color of roses in your bouquet. For your convenience, keep the simple guide in mind when you are shopping for the right rose bouquet for your wedding proposal.

  • Red roses: A classic symbol of love and romance. It also reflects the beauty of your recipient and how perfect she is to you.
  • Pink roses: People relate pink roses to admiration, sweetness and joy. If the happiness between you and your girlfriend means the most to you, then you should go for pink roses.
  • Purple roses: Purple roses are not as easy to find. It shows how special the recipient is to you and your eagerness to bring the relationship to the next level.

Avoid white roses as they are more for weddings. At the same time, DO NOT buy yellow roses for your proposal. It signifies friendship and may send the wrong message to your girlfriend.


Crazy in Love Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are not as popular as roses, but the fact that it is not as common makes it special.

Like roses, red tulips are the best to show how much you love your girlfriend.

Again, avoid buying yellow or white tulips for your marriage proposal. Yellow tulips once carry the meaning of hopeless love and jealousy while white tulips are usually used in an occasion where you are trying to apologize for a wrongdoing.

Consider getting a tulip bouquet for your wedding proposal if it is happening on or some time before Valentine’s Day. Florists around Malaysia tend to run out of roses during the period and their prices will go up.


Katherine Ashley Peony Bouquet

You can see peonies as the all-rounder when you want to show your special someone how much you love her. Women who like peonies will adore one when you give it to them.

Peonies are glamorous flowers that carry the meaning of romance and prosperity.

It is not easy to find peony bouquets in Malaysia because they are seasonal flowers. Not many florists have them. Your girlfriend is going to appreciate the fact that you are willing to get her a bouquet with special and rare flowers like the peonies instead of the typical roses.

BONUS TIP: Just Get What She Loves Most

If you have bought your girlfriend flowers in the past, then your safest bet will be to get her a bouquet with her favorite flowers and colors. Showing her how much you understand her is a crucial factor in getting her yes.

Have no idea of what are your girlfriend’s favorite flower? Bring her to the florist and just show her around. See if she is attracted to any of the flowers on display. If she asked, you can either jokingly tell her that you want to buy one for her or you are planning to help your friend buy one. From her opinion, you can tell which flower she likes most.

All The Best for Your Wedding Proposal

Now that you know what is the perfect bouquet to get for your proposal, we wish you all the best.

Come back and share how did the proposal go with us in the comment section. We would love to hear about it. If you have photos, we might even feature it here.

Go get her!

Image credits to Michelangelo Carrieri.

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