3 Characteristics of a High Quality Bouquet

Boudica Bouquet by BLOOM2U.com

Buying flowers online is not easy, especially this is your first time.

Every online florist out there makes the claim that their bouquets are of the highest quality. Yet, some of our customers who order from a particular online florist in Malaysia had the experience of receiving bouquets with the following characteristics:

  • Flowers that look much smaller than what was shown on the florist’s website.
  • Cheap and unpresentable wrappers.
  • Out-of-shape bouquet.

Can you imagine your recipient getting a bouquet like the one described above with your name in the card?

Yet, when our customers complained, the florist said that the bouquet is exactly like what they described on their website.

So what should a high quality bouquet look like? Is there a standard? In this blog post, we are going to look into the characteristics of a high quality bouquet so that the next time you purchase one, you will know whether it is good.

Flower Size

There is no official grading system to determine whether a flower is of a certain quality.

The simple way to tell whether a flower is of good quality or not is from the size. Imported flowers tend to look bigger and beautiful when they bloom. The reason for this is because the climate and conditions overseas are better to grow them.

The size of the primary flower used in your bouquet may vary from one species to another but they should never be smaller than half of your palm.

Low grade flowers tend to look smaller. When they are used in a bouquet, the flowers are not as concentrated and florists almost always try to conceal this by using a lot of fillers and leaves.

Flower Condition

Festival De Cannes Bouquet by BLOOM2U.com

You don’t need to be an expert to tell whether the condition of flowers in your bouquet is good or bad.

You can feel the moist and the softness of flowers in a good condition. The petals does not break easily. On the other hand, flowers that are in a bad condition often look a little dry. On some occasions, the color might even start to wear off by the time your recipient gets it.

Flowers in a bad condition are often due to an extended storage period. The lack of proper care for the flowers during the designing, packaging or delivery process may result in poor condition too.


The wrapper of a bouquet determines its quality as well. Other than having a better appearance, a good wrapper helps to keep a bouquet in shape. A high quality bouquet wrapper is also water-resistant. This allows your recipient to hold the bouquet comfortably for a longer period.

Cheap bouquets are often wrapped in paper or transparent plastic sheets. This arrangement degrades the bouquet design.

Furthermore, paper wrappers are not water-resistant. Moist and wet dirt penetrate through them easily, causing the wrapper to fall off within hours. If you have planned a long date with someone, wet paper pieces coming off the bouquet is something that you wouldn’t want to deal with.

Give BLOOM2U.com a Try

There are many online florists out there, both online and offline. You may have to read a lot of reviews to buy a bouquet online or visit many physical florists before deciding on which one to buy from.

Over here at BLOOM2U.com, our floral designers take the effort to handpick every flower that will be used in the bouquet you ordered. Also, we only use high quality and water-resistant wrappers.

On top of that, we work with an expert delivery team that will make sure the bouquet arrives in the best condition possible and within the timeframe that you specify on our website.

If you are interested, head over to CLEO or The Yum List if you want to see how our fresh flower bouquets look like in real life (HINT: They look exactly like the photos we have on our website.).

If you are looking to purchase an elegant-looking wedding bouquet or a romantic rose bouquet, go ahead and order from BLOOM2U.com today.

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    I love fresh flowers elpceialsy roses, we don’t have anywhere in our country town to buy a good bunch of flowers except the local florist. So my hubby scouts around the neighbourhood occassionally to put together a gorgeous bunch of the most fragrant roses for me which I must say really makes my weekend. He can be so romantic when he wants a fishing buddy LOLI really don’t mind sitting out on the lake in a tinny if i can have fresh flowers to come home to..

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