Cinco De Mayo – Dressing Up Mexican Style

Getting all dressed up for Cinco de Mayo is a big part of the fun. You can go with a costume or you may prefer traditional garb. This is lots of fun and can add excitement to the celebration. It never hurts to look great, do not worry about being shy! Pull out all the stops and have fun with your colorful attire.

Costumes are a great way to go; let your imagination go wild. With a white flowing shirt, large sombrero, and black slacks, you have become a musician. A serape is great to add, all you have to do is throw it on your shoulder and then grab a guitar, and you have the look. If you want a really authentic look rent a Mariachi band costumes from a shop or go online to find one.

Another costume option would be to dress as a Mexican revolutionary. Get out your sombrero, paste on a large black mustache and put bandoliers across your shoulders. Carry a toy rifle and a tequila bottle and you will be all set.

If traditional clothing is what you prefer, you have got it made. A white peasant blouse off one shoulder can be great for women. Bright colored skirts with ruffles add a great look. The Mexican flag colors work great, look for clothes that are a festive green, red, and white. These colors work great for many historical days in Mexico. Bright colored ribbons used to tie back the hair is a great touch; flowers made from tissue paper are fun pin to your hair also. Huaraches or leather sandals are comfy and a great way to complete the look while you dance the night away.

For men, look for loose, comfortable pants and a simple white shirt. If you have access to a woven serape or poncho, wear it. Use a bandana or sombrero to finish your party outfit. Boots work well as shoes. Put on a smile and you are ready to party.

Many costume shops have all these outfits to rent or buy. Everything you could want is there in their lofts of costumes, from the bandito to the salsa dancer or peasant. They have reasonable prices and you will have the perfect garments to celebrate the day. Make sure you book your costume early so you get your favorite. Wait too long and you must choose from what is left on the rack.

Now that you are dressed for the part, it is time to enjoy all those delicious Mexican recipes you have been dreaming about. Cheesy enchiladas, fruity granitas, creamy flan… all of them are waiting for you to dig right in and enjoy them. Be careful not to drip anything on your nice outfit, though.

Cinco de Mayo’s enjoyment can be increased by a little dress up. These attractive and traditional outfits for Mexican holidays are comfortable. There are few options for dressy garments that fit these criteria. So, sit back and dress for the occasion. Cinco de Mayo is a great party, have fun, and dress the part.

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