How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Beautiful Flowers

How to celebrate Valentine day

Valentine’s Day falls on 14th Feb each year and gives a chance for people to reveal their love for another person. It is a special day to spread the love and exchange romantic gifts to your partner. Most people around the world beautifully celebrate this day by showing gratitude for the people they admire or love. Valentine’s Day offers several ways to express your emotions. Some individuals take their partner for a romantic meal at a restaurant while some of them choose this day to propose and reveal their sentiments. Some people gift chocolates, greeting cards, diamond ring, and other expensive gifts to their partners. But, Valentine’s day is incomplete without flowers. Flower is a gift from the heart. it will be remembered forever.

Men have been known to try all kinds of practices to improve their sex appeal such as working out, buying expensive cars, writing poems, etc. Well, it turns out there’s the easiest way to attract women. If you want to raise the odds a lady will find you attractive, all you need to do is send her a beautiful bouquet. Women are noticeably more likely to accept the invitation for a date if the proposal is offered with fresh flowers. Today, you can easily buy fresh flower bouquet online in Malaysia and get it delivered to your partner’s doorstep.

The Love Connection between Flowers and Romance

Psychological Effect

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can have a significant impact on love & romance. Several psychologists have discovered that the appearance of flowers make women remarkably more receptive to men’s advances, even when they are arranged in the background instead of presenting as a gift. Many researchers have discovered that flowers tend to have a psychological effect on our brain. They are proven to make ladies more accepting of romantic approaches. Studies have shown that individuals who send flowers are seen as more kind, lovable, and successful. If you are trying to win someone’s heart, all these qualities are desirable. You can make yourself look like a romantic person while sending flowers. When flowers are present, the sender is instantly recognized to be more attractive. When flowers are given, ladies feel more comfortable and are more likely to smile.

Boost The Feelings of Romance

Flowers are one of the most widely-used tokens of romance. Some people may think that this is just a social tradition which has been universally adopted, but the relationship between love and flowers goes even farther than you may expect. Even if it appears cliché to you, but a beautiful bouquet of flowers can help you succeed at romance in various ways. Flowers develop feelings of pleasure and comfort with their beautiful colors and fragrance. In every romantic relationship, the mood- boosting capability of a particular flower can be powerful. Whatever the situation, flowers are more than just a cliché gift to make a remarkable impression on a first date. They are culturally rich and compelling tool to encourage all romantic endeavors to succeed.

Say it with Flowers

The history of sending your close one Valentine’s Day flowers comes from the tradition of sending bouquets and passing non-verbal messages. Language has limits, particularly in the emotional situations. Flowers convey those emotions in a non-verbal medium. One of the main reasons why flowers continue to be strongly connected to love & romance is because every flower has assigned meanings. For instance, red roses symbolize passionate love and affection. White roses represent virtue and devotion; purple signifies commitment and promise, and yellow symbolizes friendship.

Flowers play a vital role in our social life while being widely used to mark several moments in our life such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, and even deaths. They are known as the best gifts to convey the sender’ intentions to the receivers due to their symbolic meanings, color, fragrance, and stories. You can celebrate valentine’s day more beautifully with blooms. But, every flower has a different meaning and can give just the right message, so you need to be very careful while sending flowers on Valentine’s Day.

How to Choose the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

From a single flower to a grand floral arrangement, there are a large number of styles, designs, and colors to choose from. But how will you go about making the final decision? You must be wondering what an ideal flower arrangement for Valentine’s day is. In this blog, we will explain the meaning of each flower that will ultimately help you pick the right Valentine flowers.


In this digital world where feelings are delivered over chats; most people think that roses as a cliché choice for Valentine’s Day. But, it’s not a case. Roses in Malaysia are associated with love, beauty, and romance. There are more than 150 species of roses are available but the most popular romantic colors are red, white, and pink. Each color has its own meaning and purpose such as red for love, white for purity, pink for sweetness, a beautiful combination of red and white roses symbolizes unity. If you’re looking for more attractive, colorful options, then choose orange for desire and yellow for friendship.

  • Red Rose

What’s more romantic than red roses? Every person knows a beautiful bouquet of red roses is an ideal way to reveal feelings of hidden love. Whether in wedding, anniversary, valentine’s day or even prompt parties, there is no mistaking the implication of love, & desire associated with classic red roses. There’s no more popular or enduring symbol of love in Western culture than a red rose. This fragrant flower widely appears in the literature, poems, classical artwork, and contemporary films. Red rose comes in different shades of red, which also carry various symbolic meanings. For instance, a bright red rose symbolizes romance, while burgundy rose represents a love which needs to be realized. Checkout our luxurious hand bouquet – Catherine Deneuve consists of 12 fresh roses with leaves.

Celebrate Valentine day

  • White Roses

You must have seen a bouquet of white flowers decorating the table at wedding ceremonies. A spray of white carnations is also arranged in a church which symbolizes innocence and new starts. You can mix white carnations with red ones for your wife. Or, if you have just started dating a girl, you can give her white carnations to show how positive you are about your future. White has two powerful meanings in the floral language. First, it represents simplicity, and the other one which is obvious that white is pure, and the roses symbolize an innocent love. White rose says to your loved one “I’m worthy of you”. It is an ideal rose for teenage lovers wondering to send the powerful message that “love awaits.” Besides, white roses are known for representing secrecy. A beautifully-made bouquet filled with white roses reveals that you have a secret love for someone.

  • Pink Roses

Pink rose is a symbol of joy and youthfulness. If you want to confess,  “I appreciate you” or “I admire you”, then go with the pink roses. It represents pure joy and youthfulness. The pink color of a rose blossom symbolizes innocent and young love before the relationship has turned out into an erotic one. With a pink rose bouquet, you can say to your wife that being around her is a true bliss. It is an ideal way of expressing that how much you proud of everything your partner does in a relationship.

  • Yellow Roses

Due to its association with friendship, the yellow rose isn’t a romantic flower. In fact, it may suggest someone that you are attempting to say “Let’s be just friends.”. Sometimes, it can also be used as “break up rose” that clearly suggest that you want to end up your relationship with him/her. Prefer red and pink in order to send the right message to your loved ones, and save the yellow ones for your friends. Checkout this amazing bouquet – Donna Sheridan consists of 20 stalks yellow roses and eustoma flowers.

Celebrate Valentine day

  • Orange Roses

Orange is the combination of yellow and red. Red is a symbol of energy, signifying passion and often inspiring erotic love and feelings of passion. On the contrary, Yellow is a symbol of happiness. As a combination, desire is a logical outcome of this combo. Orange roses are so beautiful and the ideal choice for giving to a new partner, especially if you want to show a desire to move from one level of a relationship to the next. A bouquet made of oranges roses and other lighter peach flowers or red roses looks beautiful and indicates a passionate love for your partner. The Fool For Your Love bouquet looks so innocent and romantic. This hand bouquet consists of fresh stalks of roses and fillers.

orange roses

  • Purple Roses

The purple rose symbolizes happiness with a lover. When you send purple roses to your lover, you’re revealing that your love transcends, and it is hard to see but real to you. You can say that it is an obsessive rose color. Purple is the magical color, so unsurprisingly it represents enchantment with a lover.

History of Red Roses

The red rose started its glorious symbolic history in Roman and Greek iconography, where it was attached to Venus – known as the goddess of love. In early Christian times, it became correlated with the virtue of Virgin Mary. Apart from these beliefs, some renowned poets such as Shakespeare and Gertrude Stein explained the Rose and its beauty in their poems. The red rose still known as the symbol of passionate love. The classic red rose is an ideal choice for showing your deepest love for the special someone. Whether you give a grand bouquet or a basket filled with ravishing reds, you can always surprise your loved one and make him/her feel amazing.

It is vital to choose the rose with the longest stem as it is a sign of good quality. And, a flower with stem also lasts a good deal longer. Rather than presenting a simple floral bouquet to your close one, you can also send a vase filled with roses and fillers.


Available in pink, orange, and white, color, lilies are the perfect flower for your beautiful partner. White lilies are known for their breathtaking fragrance while Casa Blanca lilies are an exceptionally dramatic choice which is sure to please a woman. Pure white lilies signify virtue and chastity. You can give pink lilies and vibrant red roses for a feminine twist on the traditional rose bouquet. Beautiful Asiatic lilies, calla lilies, and oriental lilies will please your Valentine. All these blooms can lift moods and induce feelings of well-being, making them the most desirable flowers for Valentine’s Day. Checkout the bouquet – Sharon Tate consists 5 stalks of bloomed lilies, sweet williams, and beautiful leaves.

how to Celebrate Valentine day

You’re assured to win your partner’s heart with this flower as nothing makes a remark of love quite like a bouquet of fresh lilies. It can go for any relationship where you sense a kind of commitment, whether he/she is your romantic partner, sister, brother, family member, good friend, or even a colleague. Lily comes in different colors such as pink, red, white, yellow, and orange.

  • Red lilies signify love and passion. (perfect for proposal bouquets)
  • Pink lilies express success and abundance. (one of the most popular flowers)
  • Yellow lilies express desire, good health, and thankfulness.
  • Orange lilies symbolize pride, confidence, and wealth.
  • White lilies express purity and virtue. (ideal for weddings and proposal bouquets.)


In the language of flowers, tulips are known as a confession of love, making them one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Tulips can also be grown in pots, so a live tulip plant is the long-lasting and most valuable Valentine gift. Like roses, different tulips convey different meanings:

  • Red: true love
  • White: purity
  • Purple: royalty
  • Pink: affection
  • Cream: eternal love
  • Orange: passion and desire
  • Yellow: cheerful thoughts and smiles
  • Variegated (multi colored): beautiful eyes

how to Celebrate Valentine day

If you are wondering to convey a message revealing your love to someone, red tulips are the ideal option. They look classic and assure to warm the soul of the receiver. Pink tulips signify fresh beginnings, making them excellent to send when you’ve just started dating someone. If your partner is disappointed with someone, you can choose white tulips which encourage forgiveness. Your valentine will definitely adore this amazing bouquet Diana Ross consists 20 tulips, eustoma, and other fillers.


Cultivated for many centuries; the carnation is one of the most popular flowers which is known as the timeless symbol of love and affection. You can send carnations to your girlfriend or wife on the Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand the hidden purpose of carnations and what the different colors convey. If you don’t know how to express the secret language of carnation, you may get caught flat footed on Valentine’s Day. You may choose the wrong colors for your partner or crush. Let’s start the exploration of carnation colors and their meanings:

  • Red Carnations

Red carnation is a symbol of love, and it is widely used to express devotion, love, and romance. If you are looking for easiest way to express your hidden love, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet or basket filled with red carnations. See this carnation bouquet consists 12 stalks of carnations and eustoma flowers.

how to Celebrate Valentine day

  • Pink Carnations

The pink carnation is known to have a similar but quite a different purpose. It is generally associated with devotion and admiration. As they are usually sent by secret admirers.  If you have a crush on someone, give her a bouquet of carnations that will be a nice gesture. Apart from being a symbol of love, this flower also describes a mother’s pure love of her kids. You can consider gifting this flower to your mother on Valentine’s Day since she is the first lady you love.

  • Yellow Carnations

Not every color of carnation represents positivity. The yellow carnations express the disappointment of individual that has failed you in any way. If you are planning to end a relationship, but since it is near to Valentine’s Day, giving him/her yellow carnations may send the right message if he/she understands that language of flowers. Don’t forget to visit our beautiful range of carnations arrangements.

  • Purple Carnations

Purple carnations are the ideal color to gift a friend that you find witty, impulsive, or unpredictable. It can also be given to apologize to your partner. A basket full of purple carnations symbolizes that you are ready to patch up your steps. Valentine’s Day is a special day to spread the love, and it is an ideal time to resolve your issue with special ones.

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies are known as the most innocent and sweet flowers which are a unique choice for Valentine’ Day. With a  multicolored bunch of lilies, you can say “I love you,”  “thank you,” “I admire you,” and  “you make me happy” without saying anything. There’s nothing quite as pleasant as giving daisies: When you arrange a bunch of Gerbera Daisies in a colorful bouquet, it’s like sending a box of sunshine. Gerbera Daisy comes in some vibrant colors, and sending them is an ideal way to brighten your partner’s day.

  • Orange Gerberas

Orange is a warm color which is associated with energy, enthusiasm,  and passion. When it comes to sending gerberas, they reveal that the individual you send it to is the sunshine of your life. Moreover, they express your strong attachment with the person you love the most.

  • Purple Gerberas

Purple gerberas represent elegance, dignity, and pride. It also represents feminine beauty. You can send a royal bouquet of purple gerberas to your special lady whom you want to appreciate for their elegance and beauty.

  • Yellow Gerberas

The bright yellow color represents friendship, joy, and happiness. They are ideal to give to your friends as yellow is the color of friendship. Send a bouquet of yellow gerberas and add happiness into your friendship. A combination of gerberas, hydrangea, and eustoma looks amazing and make it ideal for Valentine’s day. Buy the Promise Kept bouquet and send it to your loved ones today.

how to Celebrate Valentine day


  • Pink Gerberas

Pink is a symbol of forgiveness and gentility. A basket filled with pink gerberas is generally delivered with a note. Light pink gerberas express love and sympathy while the dark pink symbolizes gratitude.

  • Red Gerberas

Red is the color of passion and love. It shows your obsession and desire. If you are sending red gerberas to someone, you are showing that you are fully engaged in love with the person.

  • White Gerberas

White is a color of innocence and purity. If you are sending white gerberas to your partner, you are revealing the recipient about your honesty.


Lilac is a symbol of new love, which is one reason why it is popular for Valentine’s Day, the other reason being that it is completely delightful. If you feel those new love flutters, then you must send a bouquet made of lilacs and watch him/her swoon. These flowers are also known for representing the attachment between a mother and a child. So if the new crush isn’t happening in your life, send lilacs to your mother. Let’s have a look at different colors of lilacs and their meanings:

  • Pink

Pink is associated with love and strong friendships. So, you can choose a lilac bouquet for your lover and best friends.

  • Purple

The color purple is associated with your first love or the first time you feel affection for someone. So, pick a purple lilac bouquet and propose your crush on this Valentine’s day.

  • Magenta

This dark shade of red is associated with love, passion,  and liveliness.

Some other popular lilac colors are white and blue. On Valentine’s Day, you can add some valuable thought into your floral gifts and impress someone with the beautiful flowers.


Orchids represent refinement, care, and attention. Give a beautifully-made orchid bouquet to someone you have crush upon or someone you are wondering to impress. Due to their namesake and exotic appearance, orchids are associated with affection, sexuality, virility, and elegance. Though orchid has always been a symbol of richness, and elegance; different colored orchids hold different meanings:

  • White orchids signify simplicity, innocence, and purity, as well as reverence.
  • Purple orchids express admiration and royalty. They are traditionally delivered as a sign of respect.
  • Yellow orchids represent friendship and new starts. They are ideal gifts for a friend to celebrate an achievement.
  • Pink orchids represent grace, joy, and femininity.
  • Orange orchids signify self-confidence, enthusiasm, and boldness.

Perhaps you can easily find one gift you already know your partner will adore, but you are seeking for something a little further to really show them how special they are for you. Orchids are the excellent addition to other popular Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolate or jewelry. You won’t go wrong with the Elsa Schiaparelli bouquet consist of Phalaenopsis orchids,  roses, hydrangea, leaves and fillers.

how to Celebrate Valentine day


Bring a smile to your partner’s face with a sunflower delivery, the ideal gift for Valentine’s day. Sunflower signifies loyalty which makes it a popular choice for Valentine’s day. It comes with yellow petals open face which represents the sun itself. Sunflowers can brighten anyone’s day with their freshness and bright color. A bouquet or basket full of sunflowers carries adoration, warmth, happiness, and enduring love. Nothing is more cheerful than the sunflower. This bright flower can also be used to decorate the venue where you are celebrating Valentine’s day.

Knowing the purpose behind the colors of every flower makes the gift more special.

Ideal flowers to Give to a Woman on Valentine’s Day

Girls love to receive romantic flowers on Valentine’s Day. And, you must consider giving the floral arrangements that women like the most. Nevertheless, you can’t go wrong with red roses, but if you are looking to send her a bouquet which is as special as she is, it may be time to research a little bit. Let’s have a look at a wide range of choices out there:

  • Rose
  • Orchid
  • Tulip
  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Wildflowers
  • Camellia
  • Violet
  • Gardenia
  • Dahlia
  • Lilac
  • Daisy
  • Plumeria
  • Hydrangea
  • Peony
  • Sunflower
  • Sweetpea
  • Hyacinth
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Lotus
  • Periwinkle
  • Carnation
  • Lavender
  • Chrysanths

You can be assured that picking any of these romantic flower choices will make her the happiest girl ever. If you are unable to choose the right flowers, then simply pick the one according to her favorite color. You know her desired color, right? If no, then you can try to figure it out yourself by gazing at the colors she usually wears, or the overall color scheme of her room. Boys usually avoid giving roses on the first date because of their perceived importance and significance, but if you don’t know someone well, a rose or a bouquet works amazingly. Gerbera daisies are preferred by the most women, and people love to combine them with other flowers to deliver the perfect experience for special moments. If you are madly in love with your dream girl, send her long stem roses. Her love for you will definitely bloom just like the flowers. If you want to let her know how special she is, send red orchids flowers kept in a basket or bouquet. You can consider giving Cheryl Cole consists of one hydrangea and eustoma flowers.

how to Celebrate Valentine day

Ideal flowers to Give to a Man on Valentine’s Day

Do you know that men also appreciate receiving flowers? Due to the matter of equality and political correctness, it’s now completely acceptable to send flowers to your beloved man. For obvious reasons, the blooms you choose for a man are quite different from the one you may give to your mother. And, if you are choosing flowers for your valentine, you need to be very careful. Though roses have always been the widely-preferred flowers, that doesn’t mean they will be suitable for a man. Every flower has a different meaning, which can vary from culture to culture and man to man. Let’s have a look at some of the best flowers adorn by men:

  • Red roses
  • Daisies
  • Yellow roses
  • Alstroemeria
  • Bamboo Orchid
  • Chrysanthemums
  • White Calla Lilies with Red Roses

You should carefully choose the color of flowers for your beloved. No man would be pleased to get a pink bouquet that will be more suited for a woman. Instead pick some vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, blue, or green. In some cultures, white signify sad occasions and remind people of sorrowing, so avoid giving a bouquet which has pure white flowers. On the Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of rich tones, dark blooms, and the masculine-type vase will be the best option. Avoid adding bows or extra frills that may make the bouquet more feminine.

Don’t Forget to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In case you are getting the complicated hints your girlfriend or wife has been giving you; pinning on Pinterest, tagging you on Instagram or whispering into your ear, here’s the clear and loud message that Valentine’s Day is coming! If you’re running out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas but want to make it memorable, here’s what to do:

Chocolate Boxes and Gift Baskets

You can make the valentine’s day more special with a box of chocolates. Choose a basket and fill it with fresh flowers, letter and a box of her favorite chocolates. With this little effort, you’ll definitely get the biggest hug ever. And, you don’t even need to go anywhere in order to buy floral arrangements. At bloom2u, you will find a wide range of online flower gift baskets in Malaysia. Simply order the gift basket from the website and it will be safely delivered at your doorstep.

how to Celebrate Valentine day

Other Romantic Ideas

You can send a sweet and short email to your partner, confessing about your love. Also, you can leave a little note or love letter in his/her bag. Don’t forget to plan a surprise outing! You can start with an exotic lunch then reveal tickets to a see a romantic film or sports game (depends on what he/she prefers). If he or she is an adventurous type, then you can think about taking a hot air balloon ride together. When it comes to celebrating a day with your partner, there are endless ideas. All you need to do is make him/her feel special.

Fun Facts & Stories associated with Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is also called as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Today, it is recognized as a meaningful cultural and celebration in many countries all around the world. Several stories and fun facts are associated with this special day. Let’s find out:

  • In some countries, people celebrate 14th Feb as “Singles Awareness Day” (S.A.D.) It is celebrated by single people and served as a complement for people who are not involved in a romantic relationship.
  • It is considered as bad luck to sign Valentine’s card. Most people say Valentine’s card must be given anonymously.
  • Some pet owners give gifts to their pets on Valentine’s Day. Strange!
  • In the middle ages, young boy and girls used to draw names to see who will be their Valentine. The name will be clipped to their sleeve, encouraging the expression “wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  • 73% of people who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men, while only 27% are women.

Valentine’s Day isn’t only meant for couples in romantic relationships. It should be intended to celebrate every relationship with family,  friends, and even colleagues. So anyone who is connected with your life may treasure flowers for Valentine’s Day.

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