Mother’s Day Celebration: Beautiful Flower Arrangements and Creative Ideas

Mother’s Day Celebration Beautiful Flower Arrangements and Creative IdeasIn this fast-paced digital world, we all are working hard to earn money and survive. High technologies such as computer and internet have caused a massive revolution in our society. Involved in using smartphones and tablets, we have somehow overlooked the value of relationships. Mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions encourage us to spend more time with family and celebrate relationships. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we definitely do not want to leave any stone unturned to make her feel special. A mother’s contribution to her child can never be repaid, it is one selfless job, but the least we can do is to dedicate one full day to celebrate Motherhood.

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How to Choose Flowers for Different Occasions – Flowers Etiquette and Many More

How to Choose Flowers for Different OccasionSending bouquet on a special occasion has always been a popular social convention. Whether it’s New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Weddings, or any other occasion, flowers can change the feel of any moment.  Well, there is always a reason to give flowers to someone you like and you do not always have to wait for a special occasion. Flowers make a difference in all modes and make your loved ones smile. It’s the perfect gift for yourself and for anyone who is special for you.

Why Should You Choose Flowers for Every Occasion?

The beautiful and delicate blooms have amazing hidden magical powers that can vanish even the massive of negativity into thin air.  The green stems and colorful flowers and can add a ‘feel-good’ spell to you. A beautiful floral arrangement produces restful vibe and enhances the environment without overwhelming the fresh decor.

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Flowers & Hampers to Send When You Can’t Go Home for The Holidays

Flowers and Hampers

It was truly saying, ” there’s no place like home for the holiday!”

Nothing can beat mom’s food, dad’s lessons, and all the family cultures we grow up looking forward to every year. We get older and gain more of more confidence & freedom, but there is nothing more comforting then returning to the family house in the vacations and festive seasons. Unfortunately, many people can’t go home for the holidays due to their jobs, travel expenses, or convenience. However, it is vital to remind your close ones how much they mean to you throughout this time. You can still make your family members smile and establish your presence in the house by sending flowers online. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts; your loved ones will appreciate the extra attention that you gave to them. Continue reading →

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year; Different Traditions, Hampers & Flower Arrangements


Chinese New Year is also called as Chinese Spring Festival or Lunar New Year which possesses the most meaningful position among all festivals in Malaysia. The grand celebration involves flower decorations, folk traditions, enthralling parades, and an incredible feast. In 2018, it will fall on 16th February and will last to 2nd March (first fifteen days of the Chinese lunar calendar). You can also celebrate this festival and pay tribute to Chinese traditions. Most people celebrate it at home and decorate their place with flowers. Several flower arrangements can make your home look extraordinary.

On the Lunar New Year, men dedicate their time and focus toward family, cleaning, gifts, settling debts, and wishing for good luck in the upcoming year. This Chinese festival is all about renewal and good luck, but some flowers, colors, and seasonal fruits are considered ‘luckier’ than others things. You can add New Year cheer to your home or workplace by adding flowers and lanterns.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Beautiful Flowers

How to celebrate Valentine day

Valentine’s Day falls on 14th Feb each year and gives a chance for people to reveal their love for another person. It is a special day to spread the love and exchange romantic gifts to your partner. Most people around the world beautifully celebrate this day by showing gratitude for the people they admire or love. Valentine’s Day offers several ways to express your emotions. Some individuals take their partner for a romantic meal at a restaurant while some of them choose this day to propose and reveal their sentiments. Some people gift chocolates, greeting cards, diamond ring, and other expensive gifts to their partners. But, Valentine’s day is incomplete without flowers. Flower is a gift from the heart. it will be remembered forever.

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