The Flower that describes Love towards Mom

Mother’s Day is the way to show your, love, respect to your mother. For the first time, it was celebrated in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson. Mother’s Day is the day to honor our mother’s sacrifices for the family. It will be our honor if we can do something for her to make her feel doozy. Let’s give her a tribute by showing our love to her by giving the trophy of gentleness that is, Flower which describes her fully. Flowers defines her evergreen beauty, the essence of her attachment. The different colors represent her in the different environment like yellow is for the friend inside her, white is for inner peace she provides, pink is for tenderness, lavender for her elegance, white is for her purity. Likewise, flowers to define her. Rose is for loving us passionately; Lily is for her beauty and innocence, Iris for eloquence and wisdom and Carnation which shows her motherhood.

Let us soothe her with beautiful flowers which resemble her. Mother is the whole world in her own consisting all the nature. A bit is contributing to amazing that nature for what you are today. To make her amazing find the flower which has the quality of her.  The flower which stands for her modesty and majesty, having her royalty which completely defines her in her way.


Below is my simple tribute to all the mother’s describing their belonging to make the world more beautiful







All above flowers are used to address a mother who is beauteous. The lady who is fantastic in her way having the best qualities in her. This Mother’s Day makes us pride to call out M-O-T-H-E-R in a more beautiful way. So, it’s time to make her feel hygge on this auspicious Mother’s Day. Present her the flowers which resemble her will be warm-and-fuzzy.

If you are searching something as elegant as her then, flowers are the best answer. Express your gratitude with the language of flowers. Keeping the tradition alive from the Victorian era communicate and share your message with the most precious person in your life, that is, your MOM.

Here are some suggestions for all the munchkin to make their mothers feel lovely:

  1. Carnations

Carnations are said to be Mother’s Day emblem.

Carnations are said to be Mother’s Day emblem.

” To win the trophy of enchanting grace: Ranks of Carnations, to all ladies dear, Of whose sweet taste I write approval here, For these pre-eminent myself I think, As long as you don’t overdue the pink.”

-by Ruth Pitter

Carnations are said to be Mother’s Day emblem. Carnations express fascination, love and distinction. Carnations, in general, is woman’s love but pink carnations represent mother’s love.

People have the belief that seeing Christ’s sufferings, his mother Mary shed tears, which fell on the ground. These tears bloomed into exotic and beautiful flowers called as Carnations. For this reason, Carnations are traditionally associating with the day when mothers are cherishing. Every carnation defines its colour and its importance.

Perhaps carnations are referred as Mother’s Day flower there are different colors in Carnations with different color as their symbol. Generally, carnations emanate love, purity and admiration. White carnation is the most popular among all. This color symbolizes of good luck. Light Red carnations evoke respect and dark Red exhibit great love and affection. White carnations exemplify love, peace, good fortune, and tranquility.

These are simple yet stunning having fluffy and frilled petals. Carnations comprise delicate fragrance and long simple leaves. They are often consigning as filler flowers. The flower was concealing behind bigger blooms. But on the auspicious Mother’s Day, they deserved their central position.

Dragging your eyes from the spectacular bouquet is tough. All the fantastic flowers hand-tied to create a stunning masterpiece. Inducing exciting OOs and AAAs.

What else can be more appealing than this?

  1. Magnolia
Magnolia stands for endurance, eternity and long life.

Magnolia stands for endurance, eternity and long life.

“Fragrant o’er all the western groves

The tall magnolia towers unshaded.”

        Maria Brooks—Written on Seeing Pharamond.

The sentiments will flow on this day. Let’s bring marvelous Magnolia to surprise the mom on an auspicious day. To overdrive having the sentimental surprise with the magnolia will be the best. The soft and subtle flower adhere the symbol of nobility, perseverance and nature’s love. Magnolia is beautiful with a pungent aroma. These are not easy to miss.

Magnolia stands for endurance, eternity and long life. Magnolia can adapt any geological conditions that why it holds for eternity. They have a different meaning in different cultures. The most striking fact about the magnolia flower is its belongings to nature since 20 million years ago. The flower is gracing the mother earth for such an extended period. So, let’s take these flowers to embrace the beauty of our fantastic lady- Mother. Magnolia flowers are available in different colors with a different meaning. White Magnolias stand for purity and perfection. Pink Magnolias represent youth, innocence and joy. Green Magnolias are for health, happiness, good luck and fortune. Purple Magnolias are the symbol of luck wishes and health.

If you think your mom is a symbol of self-respect, nobility and pride then here it goes! Magnolia is best for her. Flower defines the character of a person and embraces their quality by showing the real person in them. She will be not only holding the flowers but also the symbolic significance as well. The bouquet is arranged in such a way that you cannot move your eyes from it. The flowers are wrapped in a pretty tissue which looks great. They are delivered carefully so they can be kept for a longer period of time.

  1. Orchids
Orchids are exotic and perfect for Mother’s Day

Orchids are exotic and perfect for Mother’s Day

“The orchid is Mother Nature’s masterpiece.”


    Orchids are glorious and beautiful. Orchids are exotic and perfect for Mother’s Day. These are perfect for making someone’s day. The most voluptuously beautiful blooming orchid species you encounter which will be so outlandishly exotic that you cannot take your eyes from them. Orchids are flag-bearers of all kind of revolutions. A great outburst of beauty is born in the dullest part of the year. Other flowers can’t last long, but orchids make their presence for a week. They can bloom for an extended period as the cutting is a downside.  It’s about sending something which brightens the day.

The delicate, exotic and graceful Orchid symbolizes love, luxury, beauty and strength. Earlier Orchids were kindred with virility. Greek people had the belief that if male ate large, new orchid tubers then newborn will be a boy and if the woman ate small orchid tubers, then she will give birth to baby girl.

Their significance is always shifting. In Victorian-era it symbolized luxury, and now they are representing rare and delicate beauty. The pink orchids represent pure affection, and the very popular cattle-ya orchid represents charm. We have the variation in colors of flower from white to dazzling purple, bright yellow and soft pink. Some Orchids have multicolor in them.

Due to their availability, they are affordable. It makes Orchids readily available and inexpensive. If your mom is just marvelous, then she deserves this spectacular flower bouquet with beautiful petals and finely arranged to strike the right chord. It’s an assortment of all the feelings.

  1. Tulip
Tulips are the most comfortable flowers by choice

Tulips are the most comfortable flowers by choice

“A tulip doesn’t strive to impress anyone. It doesn’t struggle to be different than a rose. It doesn’t have to. It is different.”

? Marianne Williamson

When we are thinking of beauty, the only thing which comes to our mind is Flower! Tulip is the best choice while considering of the flower. Tulips are the most comfortable flowers by choice. Tulip doesn’t look pretty, romantic, short, tall or bright: the tulip is just right! They make you warm and cosy only as your comfy jeans or your mom’s fresh baked cookies. Comfortable in all the right ways.

The origin of tulip was in Persia and Turkey, where it played a role in art and culture.  European’s used tulip so much that in a short period it becomes popular. People started naming it Tulip as tulip means the turban. Its popularity went to Netherlands making their market soar and crashed due to its high prices. Now, Tulip is grown throughout the world. People cultivate this flower as “Dutch Tulips”.

 Tulip stands for- perfect love. Tulip has different colors carrying different meanings. Red Tulip is associated with pure love while purple with royalty. Yellow Tulip evolves happy thoughts and sunshine. White Tulip stands with forgiveness.  Striking color patterns of Variegated Tulip represents beautiful eyes.

With all the sentiments Tulip’s popularity is enduring. We are having the wide variety of Tulips in a wide range of colors. Different colors can be for various occasions. Tulips can be used in cut-flower arrangements and can be given a potted plant. Gifting the Tulip is undoubtedly enchanting in its beauty and simplicity.  Nothing can be great than gifting a bouquet of hand-picked perfect flowers.

   5.Hampers and Gifts

Hampers may have different gifts that you want your mom to have.

Hampers may have different gifts that you want your mom to have.

“My mother is a strong woman. Her strength comes from being tested by life’s unpredictability. It comes from soldiering on for her children, even when she might rather have given up. I know it hasn’t always come easily, but I also know it’s her greatest gift.”

  • Matt Lauer

On this Mother’s Day buy something exclusively for your mother using our online gifting services. We are having the best range of gift hampers. She doesn’t want to have a basket filled with the unwanted stuff of no use. Try something from our hampers and gifts that will make her happy. All you need to do is scrolling to our gifts and baskets.

Hampers may have different gifts that you want your mom to have. Hamper can be of flowers, chocolates or gifts. The basket will show her the appreciation for everything that she had done for us. It is the only chance to pamper your mother with luxury hampers.

  1. Exclusive Chocolates


“I love nothing more than a good, rich, dark chocolate. It exhilarates. It satisfies.”

- Abigail Spencer

Chocolate is the best way to say, ‘I Love You’ and ‘Thank You’ to your mom on this Mother’s Day. Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. We have huge variety of chocolates to gift your mom. Our selection of chocolate is endless. If you love the combination of sweet and tangy then you will love our combination of chocolates and biscuits. Choose any chocolate from our mouthwatering combinations.

Sometimes it is very difficult to buy something for our close ones. We all have that one person around us. Its difficult to find anything for them. So here is the best you can have at this time – the chocolate. Chocolate baskets will work great for chocoholics.

We have chocolates in every size, from small to large. A pack of two-piece box to pack of 35 pieces box. We offer an assortment box which includes everything. Chocolates, biscuits, nuts, Crab-tree & Evelyn Strawberry & Roses Water and many more. The hazelnut chocolates surrounded by a luscious, smooth filling and a delicate crisp wafer. Each chocolate is wrapped elegantly.

  1. Rose


“One rose says more than the dozen.”

-Wendy Craig

The Mother’s Day is the most significant day of the year as we celebrate this day for telling them who they are and for bringing us into this world. Being a mother is not easy and one of the hardest job. Roses are the best choice to deliver your heart’s message. Roses are elegant, having unforgettable fragrance and beloved of all blooms.

According to Greek mythology tale, when Aphrodite was running towards Adoni (deity of plants and rebirth) after hearing his scream. She ran towards him and found him struggling with his life. That time the blood of Adoni hit the ground and turned into roses.

Rose is associated with love. Every color of the flower has a different symbol. Red is the symbol of love and romance.  Pink is associated with gratitude, grace, admiration and joy. Yellow goes with friendship. Orange stands for enthusiasm and passion. White is a sign of peace, innocence and purity. It’s upon your choice which color you use to define your love to your mother. A small gesture of sending her favorite flowers will go a long way.

  1. Heather


“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”

-Stevie Wonder

Heather Flower is evergreen flower having bell-shaped shrubs up and down. The flower initially belongs to Europe and intimately associated in Scotland.  In Europe Heather is admired as rock ornament. Heather is counted in Calluna under the Ericaceae family. The flower has needle-shaped leaves with the white and purple color of flowers.

The little flower has come to stand with Independence. It is a self-sufficient flower with all the honor gathered from rocky hills and moors. Heather flower symbolizes admiration and good luck. Purple color represents beauty or worthy of praise. White goes with luck/protection or fulfillment of a dream. Every mother represents beauty, so heather is the best answer to her beauty.

The plant flowers from July to September. The plant can reach till the age of 50. For doing the decoration, flowering tips are used. Heather branches are used for making ropes, baskets, bedding, thatch for the roof and to flavour beer or tea.

Heather is also used as an herb for treating arthritis, gout, urinary tract problem and rheumatism.

In Scotland, the White flower is used in bridal bouquets for good luck. Norway has a saying: “Where one can find white heather, there has been a crime.”

Heather flowers are best for admiring your mother with the honoring message.

Surprise your Loved ones with Flower Bouquet and Gift Hampers

Nature is full of beauties which includes EARTH covered with dense green forests, beautiful hills, high mountain peaks. Beautiful SKY is full of Sunshine, countless stars, glittery Moon, lovely rains and endless blessings from GOD. Nature is incomplete without FLOWERS. Flowers are the most adorable and pleasant gift from nature. Flowers are beautiful, delicate, colorful, refreshing, charming and most alluring and fill up our soul with joy, fragrance and love. Flower gives essence to our lives with beauty and Love. Flower always make people happier, healthier and better. So, if this Holiday you are far away not able to go home, make flowers go for you. Buy a flower bouquet online and get it reach your home your home instead of you. Your loved ones will be happiest to see this extra piece of attention from you for them. You can also send exquisite customized festive gift hampers to your family as per their choice and interests.

We become more confident and independent as we grow old but going home in holidays and festivals is always more comforting. Not everyone is lucky to go home in all the holidays and at all festivals, may be for any of the reasons like the job, travelling issues/ expenses or inconvenience. Truly, no-one can replace you at these precious moments, but you can make your family members feel your presence by sending flowers bouquet and gift hampers online. It’s not like expensive gifts are always needed, but your loved one will be delighted by just this small attention of yours towards them.

So, what if you are unable to make it home for these holidays. Let’s try out any of this:

  1. Special creative for your special ones:

Online florist in Malaysia

If this holiday you can’t make it to go home, don’t be sad, be special by doing a little special for your special ones. Do a bit creative for your loved ones. Nothing can fulfill your absence, but surely you can make your family members feel special. You can choose from a wide range of flower arrangements available and can make your family blossom even without you. You can send flowers to anyone whom you love, and if they are sent with a full heart, it enhances its value and fragrance.

You can find beautiful flower arrangements online to send to either to your grandparents, parents, kids, life partners. It is your loved one’s birthday, and you can’t make it to reach them, don’t feel down just send them a beautiful flower bouquet and a gift hamper.


  1. What flowers can do?

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Flowers can make you happy; flower can make you feel special on your special occasion. A flower can delight you or cheer you when you are sad. Everyone loves receiving flowers. Whether it is your partner receiving the red rose on Valentine’s Day or your mother/ grandmother receiving a fresh bouquet of flower on Mother’s Day. Flowers can make every celebration more happy and joyous. Flowers fill the surroundings with positive energy.

  1. Flowers matching everyone and for every occasion:

Are you going to send flowers? That’s wonderful, and excellent thought! A flower can express a lot of feelings wrapped with emotions. It would be best if you send flosser according to the receiver’s choice and personality and type of relationship you have. Typically, not everyone gives values to this fact that flowers should be sent as per receiver’s personality and relationships. In general, red roses are for lovers, yellow roses for friends and white roses for elders are always chosen.

But, this choice will not be special it will be general. You can make any even more memorable just by sending flowers matching to the receiver’s personality and the relationship you hold with them. You, may get confused in choosing flowers and also you only know about the choice you made, the receiver may not know about it. It’s better to explain them, why you have chosen those flowers? Before making a choice lets read it out to know more about the personality and the respective flower selection:

  • For kind, determined and kind people choose ROSES:

For the people, those are romantic, passionate and are deep in a relationship go for Roses. These people love to be best and want to bring best out of other, Rich in tradition and old-fashioned too. Love perfection and looks for perfection from others. Soft looking, but strong hearted, determined and courageous they are. Innumerable flowers are available for such people, but the top of all is the ROSES. Roses are of multiple colors and are of different sizes, but a red rose with beautiful petals can be the best among all to win someone’s heart.

Online florist in Malaysia



Rose not only represents Love and beauty but it also implies courage, determination and kind attitude. Long ago, Roses were given to soldiers while going to war for Good Luck and as a token of appreciation for their sacrifices. Roses are used by mothers and sisters to give to their wards.  Pink rose implies grace and gentleness, yellow imply purity and can be used for any new beginning both pink and yellow rose can be given to anyone, the red rose is made for love and to show respect for the receiver.


  • For pure hearted, sweet and innocent people choose Lilies:

For the People who give you certain warmth and are compassionate, kind and dignified choose lilies.  They are helping in nature and are caring. They think of others before taking any decision. They are selflessly devoted to others. They are full of pride for their achievements, relationships and for their life. They are pure at souls. Choose lilies for such pure souls. Lilies are the symbol of sweetness and pure heart. It symbolizes Virgin Mary. White lilies show modest and pure soul; yellow lilies show cheer; orange lilies show passion. Lilies can be used for elders, either male or female to make them feel special.

Online florist in Malaysia



  • For sober, simple in nature, grounded and introverts go for carnations:

For those people who stand firm in all the in and outs of the life choose carnations. These are the people who have many moods, endless feelings but still, they remain simple yet elegant. These can be your secret box for everything and are very trustworthy, loyal and highly respected. Can help you with any advice and can guide you through every step of your life. These people are practical in nature and have a realistic approach. Rich in simple thinking and are also reserved in nature. They are absolutely stunning. Choose red carnations to show love, pride and to admire them. To show love to a woman or to mother choose pink carnation. Use white carnations for admiring their innocence and pure souls. Purple carnations can be used for capriciousness.

  • For extravagant, full of energy, bubbly go for Sunflowers:

Sunflowers are best for “happy go lucky “, cheerful and approachable people. They can light up the environment with their cheers and always loves to be Center of attention in the room. They are jolly Polly, bubbly and full of energy always. With the optimists, they are good at making friends quickly. They carry a bold personality and are always known for their boldness. They are bright in personality. Give sunflowers to them just to show that they have a spark like the sun and are always shining. Sunflowers are used for dedication, dedicated love and pure thoughts. Sunflower can be used for anyone irrespective of the type of relationship.

Online florist in Malaysia



  • For the class owner, sophisticated and mysterious people go for Orchids:

For the people who carry mystery in the air around them and are high in class with sophisticated behavior choose orchids. They value looks and appearances matters them a lot. They are good at attracting people by their ways. They own very limited group of friends but are rich in honesty. They use their mind before speaking and talk to the point. They are descriptive about things and style lovers. Orchids can be used for friends to admire their beauty, charm, thoughts and sophistication. Orchids are made for women. You can gift orchids to anyone of your sister, mother or any friend.

Online florist in Malaysia



  • For bold, bright and empathetic go for Peonies:

For the positive thinkers choose peonies. They have a futuristic approach and are thoughtful towards others. With empathetic nature, they are sweet and caring too. They have a heart of gold, love truly and believe in true love. They love surprises and surprising people. They are good listeners too and have an elegant dressing sense. They are bright and stylish. Give them peonies to say happy life, prosperity and wish on any happy occasion. Peonies are also used to show compassion and prosperity to others.

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  • For mood swingers, thoughtful and confident go for Tulips:

For sensible, charitable and thoughtful people choose tulips. They mix easily with others and turns into a good friend or good family. They are mood swingers and so their style changes with the change of mood. Tulips are color dependent. Use red tulip for true love, purple for a friend showing royalty; white tulips are used for forgiving nature.

Online florist in Malaysia




Customized and personalized gift hampers are also a beautiful way of gifting. You can gift a basket personalized on the basis of the personality of the receiver if you know them well you can you can gift a hamper dedicatedly meaningful for them. Gifting a plant is also a very good option as it grows with time and shows your presence over ages. Personalized gifting is the best way to say to your family members that you are thinking of them although if you are not able to join them physically.

Today you can order gift hampers and flowers online sitting at your doorstep very easily, this flowers and gift hampers reaches to your close one’s doorstep even if you are far away from them. You can also choose gift hampers on the basis of the festival in the row. And this gift hamper will surely be an ideal gift for your family members in your absence to show your presence when you are at a distance from them.

You need not worry about the quality of service and the delivery timings. Bloom2u leading online florists are best in this, bloom2u uses fresh flowers of the season and make beautiful bouquets and delivers fresh flowers.

If you know about the personality of the receiver and the type of relationship you have, then you can make their holiday memorable without being your presence. Before gifting, you must know about the personality and relationship that will help in the color and the type of the flower to be chosen. Photo frames, food basket, flower basket can also be a part of gifting on the basis of the occasion. You can read more about various flowers and check for online flowers delivery in Malaysia

  • The Hampers:

For wishing happy birthday, happy holidays, congratulations and get-well Fruit basket is the best choice. Not being home on holidays can be made better by sending a fruit basket online, as it delivers to your family members doorstep. This surprise delivery of fruit basket can delight your family members; your family members can feel the smell of your love, can sense the warmth of your care and can see your presence through this fresh, ripe fruits. Adding complimentary gourmets and dry fruits to this basket make your family members realize that you are missing them. You can also send a fruit basket to your family members, friends or loved ones just to say Thank You! personalizing a fruit basket with some small gifts of the receiver’s interest and choice can also be a good choice.

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  • Any Occasion? The flower is there.

Choosing the best gift for your family members is always not an easy task, and when if you are not going home on holidays and choosing something to send is not that easy. With this guide hopefully, you may get some good ideas about the selection of best flowers and flower arrangements to gift to your parents, partners, family members or kids. Send something special and memorable that will never be forgotten. Whether it is Chinese New Year, valentine’s day, anniversary or any of the happy occasion sending a beautiful flower bouquet arranged in a beautify manner will make your loved ones happiest, and they will feel more special for you. Bloom2u offers a wide range of flower arrangements and gift hampers to send to your special ones on any of the occasion. Bloom2u also offers flowers delivery KL.

Bloom2u: Most Professional on Time Flower Delivery:

Bloom2u helps you to choose the best flower from different categories to arrange them beautifully and get it delivered timely by experts those are highly professional in their work. Bloom2u keep innovating new ideas and improves services day by day and utilizes best resources to ensure the best of the best delivery. Bloom2u is uses fresh flowers from local florists and arrange them perfectly as per the occasion and make a fresh and quick delivery.

Hand-arranged Floral bouquets:

Bloom2u has its own specialty in arranging bouquets. Bloom2u delivers alluring hand- arranged flower bouquets. Delivery of hand-arranged bouquet is always done on time so that flower remain fresh. Bloom2u is a reliable choice for online flower delivery in malaysia. You can choose roses, lilies, mixed fresh flowers, multiple flower arrangements at very affordable prices from at Bloom2u.

Flowers always make people better and happier, blooms of flower can make any occasion more beautiful. So, if you want to bloom anyone, anytime, you have the best choice that’s Bloom2u. Yes, we are right here for you to deliver best floral arrangements to make your occasion and celebration more colorful and memorable. We are the best in Malaysia to deliver the beautiful floral arrangements and lovely gift hampers for your loved ones, explore with us for all of your floral and gift hampers need at most competitive rates.

Mother’s Day Celebration: Beautiful Flower Arrangements and Creative Ideas

Mother’s Day Celebration Beautiful Flower Arrangements and Creative IdeasIn this fast-paced digital world, we all are working hard to earn money and survive. High technologies such as computer and internet have caused a massive revolution in our society. Involved in using smartphones and tablets, we have somehow overlooked the value of relationships. Mother’s day, father’s day, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions encourage us to spend more time with family and celebrate relationships. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we definitely do not want to leave any stone unturned to make her feel special. A mother’s contribution to her child can never be repaid, it is one selfless job, but the least we can do is to dedicate one full day to celebrate Motherhood.

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How to Choose Flowers for Different Occasions – Flowers Etiquette and Many More

How to Choose Flowers for Different OccasionSending bouquet on a special occasion has always been a popular social convention. Whether it’s New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Weddings, or any other occasion, flowers can change the feel of any moment.  Well, there is always a reason to give flowers to someone you like and you do not always have to wait for a special occasion. Flowers make a difference in all modes and make your loved ones smile. It’s the perfect gift for yourself and for anyone who is special for you.

Why Should You Choose Flowers for Every Occasion?

The beautiful and delicate blooms have amazing hidden magical powers that can vanish even the massive of negativity into thin air.  The green stems and colorful flowers and can add a ‘feel-good’ spell to you. A beautiful floral arrangement produces restful vibe and enhances the environment without overwhelming the fresh decor.

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Flowers & Hampers to Send When You Can’t Go Home for The Holidays

Flowers and Hampers

It was truly saying, ” there’s no place like home for the holiday!”

Nothing can beat mom’s food, dad’s lessons, and all the family cultures we grow up looking forward to every year. We get older and gain more of more confidence & freedom, but there is nothing more comforting then returning to the family house in the vacations and festive seasons. Unfortunately, many people can’t go home for the holidays due to their jobs, travel expenses, or convenience. However, it is vital to remind your close ones how much they mean to you throughout this time. You can still make your family members smile and establish your presence in the house by sending flowers online. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts; your loved ones will appreciate the extra attention that you gave to them. Continue reading →