Interesting Ideas For A Wedding Bouquet

Flowers are synonymous with weddings. They represent the natural within us and play a central role in defining the mood, the sensibility and the theme of any wedding ceremony.

Even traditionally, flowers and herbs have always decorated the venue of a wedding because of their beauty and fragrance that not only brings smell and freshness which the guests appreciate, but also lift an otherwise plain venue, that only has simple decorations and appears dull.

Flowers and what do they symbolize in a wedding

Flowers and their colors have special meanings and when used in a wedding bouquet, they represent our feelings. So for instance, a red rose symbolizes love and passion, a pink rose signifies joy and admiration, and white roses mean purity.

Carnations and roses symbolize a love connection, daffodils denote a new beginning, iris symbolizes faith and hydrangea symbolizes perseverance.

The tradition of a bridal bouquet and where did it originate from

The practice of carrying a bridal bouquet dates back to the Egyptian era where brides used to carry fragrant herbs and spices to ward off bad luck during weddings. The flowers were the symbol of a new start and expected to bring fertility, happiness and fidelity.

In contemporary times, the bridal bouquet is usually selected by the groom and handed to the bride when he meets her on their wedding day. In some cultures, after the wedding ceremony is over, the bride gives away this bridal bouquet to her friends who are still single.

In other cultures, the bridal bouquet is placed next to other Wedding Bouquets on a table, or on a mantle. In this way all the bouquets together lend decor to the reception area and no additional flowers are required to decorate that space.

Some ideas for choosing a bridal bouquet

A bridal bouquet is a wedding tradition that adds color and spirit to your marriage. The flowers in the bouquet and its style elevate your color palette, complement the looks and decor of your wedding party venue and add spirit to the celebratory mood of the guests. 

When it comes to choosing your bridal bouquet, below are some pointers that can help you make the right choice:

The theme of your wedding

If you have a wedding theme then it makes perfect sense to set the tone of flowers and decorations based on your selected theme. After all, flowers have their own personalities and symbolize different feelings that make some flowers more appropriate than others.

Select your wedding dress first

You must select your wedding dress first, before ordering your bridal bouquet. The reason is because wedding dresses with a busy pattern go well with simple bridal bouquets and vice versa.

Select the color scheme of your wedding

As far as possible choose those colors that are either a close match, or go well with the color scheme of your wedding. Colors outside the palette or jarring with the rest of your décor will not do any good to your bridal bouquet.

Go for seasonal flowers

It might be a good idea to make your bridal bouquet from seasonal flowers, rather than going in for flowers that may be out of season and therefore expensive and difficult to arrange. Seasonal flowers will not only look beautiful, but will also be easier to arrange.

Use the services of a florist

A professional florist is an expert in crafting beautiful wedding bouquets and bridal bouquets. In case you have some ideas on how you want your bridal bouquet to look like, then share them with the florist. Else, you can ask your florist to show you a look book from where you can select designs, or you can ask the florist to come with trending designs and themes.

Wedding bouquets and what do they signify

Like bridal bouquets, wedding bouquets also have a long and interesting history. They also date back to centuries old customs and traditions where flowers were considered auspicious and used to ward of bad spirits.

Even in contemporary times, wedding bouquets are considered to bring happiness and satisfaction in marriage and the ribbon that is used to tie the bouquet symbolizes fellowship.

Some interesting wedding bouquet types

Below are some typical wedding bouquet styles that are trending:  

Single stem bouquets

This looks very nice with a giant sunflower or a dahlia stem. Other flowers will work equally well as long their head is proportionate to the stem and the overall look is elegant.

Wildflowers for outdoor themes

Wildflowers having thin and delicate stems are used to create a flower arrangement that has small poufs of color. As it goes well with nature it is used in outdoor themes.

Mix and match – all white

Mixing and matching a variety of flower shapes looks stunning. The trick here is to have all the flowers of the same shade, say for example, white color.

Colors of the rainbow

A wedding bouquet made from the bright and beautiful flower varieties of summer looks fantastic. Flowers that work wonders here are a combination of chamomile or dusty miller with brightly colored roses, wildflowers, lavender stems, sweet peas, peonies, and astilbe.

Combination of roses and other flowers

A wedding bouquet made from roses and other flowers such as peonies or hydrangeas in similar or contrasting shades makes a perfect gift.

Wedding bouquet made from orchids

 This wedding bouquet is usually made from roses, lilies, lisianthus and orchids and drapes over the bride’s hands as she walks down the aisle. Blush tones, and greenery complete the look.

Wedding bouquets of flowers and accessories

Sometimes it is a good idea to embellish a wedding bouquet with feathers, ribbons, giant succulent heads, crystals, and even seashells. However take care to choose accessories based on your wedding theme and location.

Ideas from winter

If your theme is based on winter, then it is a good idea to combine elements of winter such as silver strings, laces, or ribbons with winter greens, blood red roses, and lots of white flowers. 

 Green wedding bouquet

If the theme revolves around nature, it might be a good idea to make the wedding bouquet from eucalyptus leaves, lush green herbs, ferns, and other varieties of air plants.

Wedding bouquet made from spring flowers

Seasonal flowers such as pansies, hellebores, or snowdrop anemones sometimes work wonders in a flower arrangement and wedding bouquets made from them look awesome.


Your wedding is the most important day of your life and having an elegantly designed wedding bouquet by your side on this day makes your wedding special and memorable.