Father’s Day Celebration – Creative Ideas & Amazing Flower Arrangements

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Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year and offers the chance to celebrate the sweetest, funniest, smartest, hardest working and most caring Dad. And although most of the fathers will say you that they don’t need anything, we think it is crucial to recognize the men who have made a significant impression on our lives. In order to help to honor these marvelous guys, Bloom2U would like to provide a few fun facts that you may find very interesting. Sonora Smart Dodd was encouraged to establish Father’s Day in the honor of her father, William Smart. Smart was a single dad who raised six children on his own, and daughter Sonora believed he – and other men like him – deserved a day similar to Mother’s Day to honor them.

This year, we suggest presenting your Dad something a little different. Browse the gift collection at Bloom2U for amazing fresh flowers and gifts. After all, you love Dad too much to buy him a new phone-  so surprise him with a unique gift from Bloom2U. We deliver the best Father’s Day flowers across Malaysia and Singapore – and right to his doorstep!

In this fast-paced digital world, we all are struggling hard to earn money and survive. Latest technologies such as computer and internet have caused a massive revolution in our society. Involved in using smartphones and tablets, we have somehow overlooked the value of relationships. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions prompt us to spend more time with family and honor relationships. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we definitely do not want to leave any stone unturned to make him feel very special. A father’s contribution to his child can never be repaid, it is one selfless job, but the least we can do is to dedicate one full day to celebrate Fatherhood.

Apart from being a day of celebration, Father’s Day has also become an event of great awareness in our society. Every person wants to glorify this event according to their ways and preferences. If you are aware of your relationship and want to honor your father, you must celebrate Father’s Day. And, flowers are known as an ideal gift which can be given to your father and grandfather to make them smile. You can also give him a floral basket with some chocolates, fruits and a personal note which is perfect for showing your father how much you value him. Besides, a bouquet is another excellent option which is available in different shapes and sizes.

Every day is a Father’s Day! The difference is that we get a chance to celebrate it on a single day. We suggest that you must not let this chance go. Celebrate your father’s love and care for you on this day. Surprise him and make him happy. Make him go to bed with a smile and don’t forget to cut a cake of the flavor of his choice. Hug him and let him know that you acknowledge whatever he has done for you and that you’ll be there for him always.

Malaysia is a country of high culture and tradition where every person gives first place and priority to their father. So, Father’s Day celebration is significant for us. This day provides us with a reason to realize the love, care, hard work and motivational thoughts of our fathers. The ways of celebration have been changed a lot in this modern time all over Malaysia. Though no gift can match his love and dedication, you must give him a special gift and lots of love. Surprise him with a beautiful bouquet of lilies or roses.

Father – A Symbol of God

The word father itself is a symbol of God. The day you open your eyes for the first time, the one person that scattered all the care, love and affection he endures in his heart is the father. What he does for the child can’t be done by anyone else. Nurturing at best, taking care, loving unconditionally, and teaching how to eat, talk, and walk and explaining the basics of life are some of the responsibilities that can’t be done well by anyone other than a father.

Being a father is not an easy task; putting everyone else’s happiness ahead of his own, teaching lessons of life, pushing us forward when everybody seems to have given up on us, motivating to do the right thing when everything seems otherwise. Undoubtedly, a father plays a vital role in our overall growth. No matter how much you earn, the one praying and working behind the scene for you is always your father. His importance in our life is more significant than any other possessions.

Why Should We Celebrate Father’s Day?

He has always been a great personality in our life. He is the one who makes our hectic life so simple and easy with his unconditional love. We are talking about fathers who do not want anything back from us. He just wants to make his kids a responsible and great human being. Our fathers are a motivational force for us which sustains us to go ahead and defeat any obstacle.

Father’s Day is undoubtedly a special day of the year for every individual. It is the only day of the year which is completely dedicated to all the fathers in several countries. People who love and care their father celebrate this special day in different ways. In Malaysia, Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June in almost all regions of the country. People celebrate this day on different dates and as per the country norms and calendar.

  • Fathers are Timeless Teachers

Men especially fathers are known for being the most important educators in our lives. They provide us with timeless legacy and wisdom which is so valuable. Fathers shape our world by nurturing and instructing; leading us to make life-changing achievements. For every successful person, there is a father behind who foster his/her sensibilities at best. They remain the most powerful teacher in the hands-on laboratory of our daily routine.

Fathers are timeless teachers - Bloom2U

  • Fathers Teach Us to Believe in Ourselves

With an immense experience, father understands the value of confidence and self-believe. He wants his kids to grow and become stronger each day. His lessons in life provide us with the space to believe in ourselves. One way of father to boost confidence in his kids is to affirm and sharpen their thinking.  A self-confidence is an ability that can make any person to celebrate and achieve more.

From promising you to give the best things possible to sacrificing his dreams, he is the one to be acknowledged for making you a responsible person today. His love and affection are superior to anything else in this world. And when it comes to celebrate Father’s Day, it should be glorified as special as he is in our lives. The connection between a father and his children can be best appreciated on the Father’s Day.

Where does Father’s Day come from?

Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. In Catholic Europe, it has been celebrated on March 19 (St. Joseph’s Day) since the Middle Ages. This celebration was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese to Latin America, where March 19 is often still used for it, though many countries in Europe and the Americas have adopted the U.S. date, which is the third Sunday of June (falling on June 17 in 2018). It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March, April and June.

The American social activist – Anna Jarvis started celebrating Father’s Day in July 5, 1908, in Fairmont, West Virginia, in the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, now known as Central United Methodist Church. Grace Golden Clayton was mourning the loss of her father, when in December 1907, the Monongah Mining Disaster in nearby Monongah killed 361 men, 250 of them fathers, leaving around a thousand fatherless children. Clayton suggested that her pastor Robert Thomas Webb honor all those fathers. Today, it is celebrated in every country with so much enthusiasm and joy.

Special Tips for all the Daughters Our There

The father-daughter relationship is known as one of the most complex human relationships. The way in which you deal with the special relationship between you and your father has a great influence on your well-being and is also reflected in the relationship you have with yourself and the people around you. So, why don’t you celebrate Father’s Day and reveal your hidden love for your father? Take him to the surprise dinner, gift him new wallet; possibilities are endless. All you need to do is to make your father feel special.


11 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day. It is an ideal time to celebrate and endow respect to the father by understanding his greatness. It is the day when all fathers should be pampered unabashedly for the love, warmth and devotion they have always given. Young or old, it does not matter; put your father in the limelight by giving him a fantastic day. As you celebrate the day of your beloved father, here’s a list of 11 things we can do for your super-men.

Here’s to the father of the world!!!

1. A bouquet of fresh flowers

Since time immemorial, flowers have been the most expressive way of showcasing our love for a person and when it comes to our fathers, what else better than presenting some flowers to him. There are several creative ways to present flowers to your father than just giving away a lavish bouquet.

One better way to make him feel like a king is to honor him with a flower arrangement made of beautiful roses, tulips or carnations. You can even get the flowers associated with his birth month and develop it into a bunch!

2. Video goes viral

What could make a father happier than knowing the fact that his lessons and guidance have influenced his children in a positive way! Whatever it is, life advice, his skills or personality traits, he would so love to know how that they have changed your life for better.

And to portray this, you can possibly make a video message telling him all you feel about him and thanking him for being there. Not only can you, your siblings too be a part of the video.

3. Plan a surprise picnic

Take him for an outing or a small picnic and not obvious restaurants. Pack meals with his favorite food, or get it delivered to your house before you leave with chocolates and a playlist of the songs he likes, etc. You might as well chauffeur him to a quiet and a calm place by the lake or watch the Sun Set with him.

Always remember, small efforts sum up to a huge bundle of joy. Your father is going to love you for taking him to his favorite spot in the city. You can also take him to a movie or go shopping.


4. Wrap him around gifts

Fathers love it when their children do not waste money on buying too expensive gifts rather make or do something on their own. Pay particular attention to things you want to give him and try to make them by yourself. Jot down stuff he always liked and gift them to him today. Recreate old photos, make a collage, pen down your thoughts about your father. Fathers love the concept of DIYs!

The point is to give him something that he would want to cherish for life. A keepsake in the form of an engraved mug, is pen is a good option too.

5. Make sure it’s a holiday for him

Step into his shoes for the day and do whatever he does. Watch his preferred movie, make him wear best outfit, and don’t let him do any kind of work.

It’s his day, and he should not even get up for a glass of water. Pamper him as he has always pampered you! A good way to surprise your dad is to decorate his room with heart-shaped balloons and flowers. Remember, do this silently while he is asleep so that when he wakes up he gets all happy and surprised.

6. Plan a family get-together

Father’s Day is for all the fathers out there. Whether it is your grandfather or other uncles, plan a get-together for all the fathers in your house and give them a luscious treat. Join all the grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and the other family members together for a massive celebration.

You can also plan a barbeque if the weather is nice. This Father’s Day calls for a grand celebration and gifts for your dad – happiness and a lot of family love and care.

7. Donate something

As earlier mentioned, Father’s Day is for all the fathers around the world. There are dads who strive hard to get good things for their children and are unable to, because of financial problems. What you can do is to help such fathers. You can choose your maid for this purpose and give some donation on your dad’s behalf to her.

Also, there are lots of organizations who take offerings to help the underprivileged kids.  You can give donations to such organizations also.

8. If your Dad loves to Read, you can buy him books

If your dad loves to read, then books will be an ideal gift for him. If you plan to gift a book, learn about your Dad’s favorite author or the genre he likes the most. That means you must figure out whether it is fiction or non-fiction or action or thrillers. You can also go for inspirational, and spiritual books if your dad seems to have interest in those.

Getting your dad his favorite books will add a lot of love and is a great gift too.

9. See Old Photographs and Videos

One excellent way to share family memories is to have a look at old pictures or other videos such as your parent’s wedding. If you live with your Grand Parents, ask them to find out old photographs and movies of you as a kid – holding by your dad. The motive is to spend some quality time with him.

10. Household items make the best gift

Fathers love their house’s interiors. Every father yearns to have the latest and the chicest furniture. On this Father’s Day, you can gift him a centerpiece.

11. Gift them something to remain organized

Working men are always organized. So, you can give your dad a present which shall make his life easier and more organized. For example, you can give him a Tablet or an organizer. Apart from these, you can also give him some work-wear or accessories such as a bag, or a wristwatch.

We are sure that with these 11 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day, you are going to shine in your father’s eyes.

The Best Father’s Day Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements have always been a pleasant gift for several occasions and are widely preferred by the most men. With the presence of several online florists in Malaysia, it’s no longer difficult to book a bouquet and get it delivered to your partner’s doorstep. Order a bouquet online and give your dad an early morning surprise. It is the best way to let him know that he is the most special person you have by your side.

Here, we are providing some of the best floral arrangements designed especially for Father’s Day:

La Pink Fleur

Consisting 36 stalks of roses and roses spray; it is one of the most beautiful flower arrangements highly recommended for Father’s Day. It also comes with the rainforest leaves kept in a classic glass vase. Your dad will be amazed after receiving this masterpiece.

La Pink Fleur


Arranged with fresh roses, this beautiful floral bouquet is a stunning gift to send on a Father’s Day. Boudica will show your father that how much you respect all that he does for you. Blossoming with perfect color and texture; this floral arrangement is a charming way to celebrate fatherhood.


Madame Henriette

Nothing but fresh-cut phalaenopsis! Specially designed for Father’s Day, Madame Henriette consists of phalaenopsis orchids kept in a beautiful pot. It will definitely create memories that will last all year long.

Madame Henriette Bloom2U

Madame D’Orléans

Another great example of our creativity; Madame D’Orléans consists of phalaenopsis orchid and is an ideal floral arrangement for Father’s Day. This elegant floral arrangement is a lovely mix of orchids.

Madame DOrleans by Bloom2U


A perfect combination of roses, hydrangea, and eustomas! Nightingale is another beautiful floral arrangement specially designed for Father’s Day. Surprise your dad and make him feel amazed.

Nightingale Gift Basket by Bloom2U


A classic blend of Gerberas and fresh leaves! Sheila bouquet is an ideal way to signify purity and remembrance. It is perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Sheila Hand Biuquet by Bloom2U

Anita Ekberg

Send this bouquet and make your dad feel truly special. You father will be amazed after seeing this hand-made bouquet of red roses, eustomas, and hydrangea.

Anita Ekberg Rose Basket by Bloom2U


Pink roses for your sweet father! If your dad adores pink roses, then Riri bouquet is an ideal option for you.

Riri Pink Roses Bouquet by Bloom2U


Simple yet Classy! Ran bouquet is a perfect choice for your modern father. Fresh red roses and leaves are perfectly tied in a high-quality paper. Give it to your father and make his day more memorable.

Ran Red Roses bouquet by Bloom2U

Alessia Cara

If you can’t be there to give your father a warm hug on Father’s Day, you can send him this classy bouquet made of roses and tulips. These flowers are rich, filling the bouquet with a soft blend of shades.

Alessia Cara Red Rose Bouquet by Bloom2U

Taylor Swift

There’s a wide variety of colors in this bouquet which proves that a flower arrangement for fathers doesn’t need to be huge in order to be effective. Eustoma, roses, and hydrangea make this bouquet more classy and beautiful.

 Taylor Swift Bouquet by Bloom2U

Sharon Tate

For the amazing dad there’s only one floral arrangement that will do, and in this bouquet, you’re getting different types of flowers such as bloomed lilies, sweet williams and beautiful leaves. The vibrant mix of colors assures to make your father feel special.

Sharon Tate Bouquet by Bloom2U

Veronica Lake

Fresh Pink and red roses look amazing together, and it can be a perfect bouquet for your father and grandfather. Hand delivery makes this floral arrangement an extraordinary gift.

Veronica Lake By Bloom2U

Chor Hung

These red carnations and sweet william flowers look amazing together, and it can be a pleasant change from the classic red or pink roses. Complex and tastefully done, Chor Hung bouquet will definitely make your dad smile and give you a warm hug.

Chor Hung Bouquet by Bloom2U

Fleur Française Panier

Simplicity rules in this modern display of roses! If you want to give your dad something different on Father’s Day, Fleur Française Panier is a perfect arrangement. Consist of roses, hydrangea, eustomas, and wax flowers, this is our one of the best flower baskets preferred by most buyers.

Fleur Française Panier By Bloom2U


Carnation and sweet william – Simple yet beautiful combination! Your father is going to love this Espagnole bouquet if he’s a carnation fan.

 Espagnole By Bloom2U

Home Again

If you are going home after a while and want to surprise your dad on Father’s Day, book Home Again bouquet. The bouquet consists of carnations and eustoma flowers. It is one of the best pieces of our vintage collection.

Home Again bouquet by Bloom2U

Gazing the Stars

A grand bouquet for your lovely dad! Consists stargazer lilies and carnation flowers, it is one of our huge bouquets specially designed for father’s days. All the fresh flowers are perfectly wrapped together with small flowers in between.

Gazing The Stars by Bloom2U

Garden of Bloom

The right combination of colors so that it’s pleasant to the eyes. Garden of Bloom bouquet consists white and red lilies. Eustoma flowers and leaves make it more elegant.

Garden Of Bloom by Bloom2U

Gabrielle Bonheur

Pink roses and hydrangeas – a wow combination! Comes in a nice basket, this grand flower arrangement looks luxurious and specially created for your caring dad. The red satin really makes the flowers stand out, hydrangeas more adorn this arrangement.

Gabrielle Bonheur Flower arrangement by Bloom2U

Order Father’s Day flowers online from Bloom2u to assure your dad has the best Father’s Day yet! We at Bloom2u brings you an array of sensational flower arrangements for Father’s Day which has been beautifully arranged by our in-house florists. It can be delivered to any destination with a simple click of your mouse. We at Bloom2u offers a beautiful range of flowers and gift hampers that can make the ideal environment for any occasion. Be it Father’s Day, Chinese New Year, valentine’s day, farewell, anniversaries, or any other occasions; you should always send flower arrangements and make your close ones feel special.

Father’s Day Flowers – Fastest Delivery that He’ll Love

If you’re looking to send online flower gift baskets in Malaysia, consider Bloom2u as the most reliable source for the freshest flowers on the web. Father’s Day is meant to show love, appreciation, and gratitude, to the special man in everyone’s life – Dad. With a vast experience of fresh flower delivery in Malaysia, bloom2u understands just how meaningful it is to choose the perfect Father’s Day gifts. We also have a great collection of festive hampers and chocolates. For Malaysians living abroad, the internet is a real wonder when it comes to sending flowers to the loved ones. And because we deliver just about everywhere in the good old Malaysia, you can believe in us to assure that no matter where in the world you are, your flower arrangements will safely get to your close ones on-time.

The Best and Unbeatable Quality

If you’re looking for the best online florist in Malaysia, you can’t beat the quality that Bloom2u delivers. Send your father fresh bouquet made of his favorite flowers. We know that your father love roses, tulips, carnations, lilies, so you can’t go wrong with any one of our floral arrangement paired with our exclusive Father’s Day baskets. Whether its classic roses, extravagant Gerbera daisies, elegant orchids or unique hydrangeas, you’ll get the best Father’s Day flowers delivered anywhere in Malaysia. Whether you are wondering to buy fresh lilies, long-stemmed roses daisies, or any other kind of flowers, we at Bloom2u can make it happen.

The Most Reliable Online Florist in Malaysia

Bloom2u makes it easy to choose beautiful flowers with its different categories, seeking constant innovation and improvement in services and utilizing the best resources to assure that your order will be placed easily and delivered by an expert professionally. Every floral arrangement at Bloom2u is perfectly arranged by a local florist using only the fresh flowers available – in order to ensure that it delivers in the best condition, ready to be enjoyed quickly. We are proud to deliver the most beautiful hand-arranged bouquets with the fastest and reliable delivery. Simply choose from top-quality roses, lilies, and mixed fresh flower baskets to appealing gift baskets. All these varieties are available online at the most competitive price.

What is very important to mention here is the fact that father have been working so hard since very long. Time was when our great grandfathers were not allowed to study, work, and vote. Father’s Day is an occasion completely dedicated to the men. It is the day which encourages us to respect father. Let’s start celebrating each day as a Father’s Day. Let’s start giving respect to every person in our life.

So, how are you going to celebrate the Father’s Day? Share us your story in the comments section below:


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