Flowers & Hampers to Send When You Can’t Go Home for The Holidays

Flowers and Hampers

It was truly saying, ” there’s no place like home for the holiday!”

Nothing can beat mom’s food, dad’s lessons, and all the family cultures we grow up looking forward to every year. We get older and gain more of more confidence & freedom, but there is nothing more comforting then returning to the family house in the vacations and festive seasons. Unfortunately, many people can’t go home for the holidays due to their jobs, travel expenses, or convenience. However, it is vital to remind your close ones how much they mean to you throughout this time. You can still make your family members smile and establish your presence in the house by sending flowers online. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts; your loved ones will appreciate the extra attention that you gave to them.

Nature has blessed us with countless bounties. The earth covered with dark forests and woods and lush green hills and mountains. Furthermore, the sunshine, rain, air and the mysterious skies full of glittering stars all are blessings from the loving God. Flowers are one of them. They are a beautiful gift from mother nature. Colorful, delicate, and, refreshing flowers fill up our senses with love and joy. They enrich our lives with beauty and romance. On this holiday, if you far away from family and things aren’t exactly working out as they should be, then buy a bouquet online and get it delivered to your home. Your family members will be amazed by seeing this amazing gift. You can also choose festive hampers for your loved ones according to individual’s choice and preferences.

So, what will you do when you’re stuck at college, or abroad or you are just unable to make it home for the holidays? Read out to know more:

Something Creative for Your Loved Ones

So, you can’t go home to meet your loved one but want to do something creative for them —maybe even a little special. And, there’s is a wide range of flower arrangement available that may not fulfill your absence but make your family feel special. Flowers are like any other present you pick for a person you love. And, if they send from the heart, nothing else can beat their value and significance. With the presence of several online florists, it’s easy to buy and send flowers without going anywhere else. Whether you are sending flowers for your grandparents, parents, life partner, or kids; you will find beautiful floral arrangements online. Perhaps, it’s your close one’s birthday; then you can pick a fresh bouquet of gift hamper. So, you don’t need to feel a little down for not being able to go home to meet your family.

Flower bouquet Malaysia

Why should You Send Flowers?

Who doesn’t love receiving beautiful flowers? For valentine’s day, getting your partner a red rose is pretty much mandatory.  On mother’s day, you can choose a perfectly-designed bouquet of fresh flowers for your mother or grandma. A gorgeous floral arrangement will instantly make her smile. Every celebration is incomplete without the presence of flowers. They bring in with them a sense of happiness and joy. Their colors enrich the surroundings with a positive energy.

Gift Flowers That Match Receiver’s Personality And Your Relationship

You are thinking to gift flowers. That’s an excellent choice!! These blossoms can express a lot of emotions. But, did you choose the flowers according to the personality of the receiver and your relationship? Studies show that people don’t think about these factors. Red roses are for lovers, yellow flowers are for friends, and white ones are for elders, that is the typical thinking. But, how are you going to make someone feel special by just following the suit? You can make any event memorable by giving flowers as per the personality of the receiver and your relationship.

You know the person and the personality they have. But, at this point, you might be a little confused. Only you know, why you have chosen those flowers, but the receiver might not know that. It’s even better, explain to them why? And that will show how much efforts you have put on just to select those flowers. That will also show how much you value them in your life. Before you buy flowers from an online florist. Read more to know which flowers to gift for which personality types:

Brave, Determined, and Kind – Roses

These people are romantic, passionate and their relationships are deep and meaningful. They like to bring out the best in others. They value tradition and are a little old-fashioned. They strive for perfection and seek perfection in their life. They may look soft from outside, but they are determined and strong people, and they show courage at the time of needs. They know how to make a statement and make it seem effortless. There are innumerable varieties of flowers found for such personalities and top of the list are Roses. They are found in various colors and sizes but the original red rose with its enthralling petals can win any heart.

Rose has represented love and beauty for centuries. But this flower also represents courage, determination, and kindness. During war times, roses were given to soldiers for good luck and token of appreciation for their sacrifices and valor. Mothers and sisters use to give these flowers to their wards. Pink roses mean grace and gentleness; white roses mean purity and reverence; yellow roses symbolize new beginnings, and all of them can be given to anyone. Red roses will represent your unbound love and respect for your partner and other family members.

The Purity of Heart, Sweetness, and Innocence – Lilies:

There are some people around whom you feel certain kind of warmth. They are compassionate, kind and dignified. They love to help, and they care for others. They take any decision after making sure that no one is left behind. They are sometimes altruist. They take pride in their life, achievements, and relationships. For those pure souls, you should gift lilies. These flowers symbolize sweetness and purity of heart. It has also been a symbol of the Virgin Mary. White lilies symbolize modesty and purity, yellow lilies represent gaiety or cheerfulness, and orange lilies symbolize passion. You can give these flowers to elders to show your reverence. You can give these flowers to both male and female.

Simple, Down-to-earth, and Introversion – Carnations:

There are highs and lows in everybody’s life, but these people stand firm on their ground. No matter that they have many moods, but regardless of how they feel, their moto in life remains “simple yet stunning.” You can trust these people with your secrets. They are loyal friends and well respected. You can seek their guidance and advice as they’re practical and realistic. They’re contented with the simple things in life and fear significant changes. They are reserved in some cases. Gift them Red carnations to represent your love, pride, and admiration; pink carnations can be gifted to symbolize the love of a woman or mother; purple carnations to represent capriciousness, white carnations to show that you admire their innocence and pure love.

Extrovert, bubbly, and Energetic –  Sunflowers:

These people are always happy, cheerful and are approachable. Their presence can light up the room. They thrive around people and love to be the center of attention. They are usually an optimist and have a bubbly and energetic personality. They can make friends quickly. Their style is bright and warm, and you remember them by their bold statements. Gift sunflowers to signify that they are like Sun on earth and as sunflower always follows sun you will also be with them. Sunflowers mean adoration as well as dedication or dedicated love, and pure thoughts. You can give sunflower to anyone irrespective of your relationship.

Sophisticated, classy, and mysterious – Orchids:

These people are classy, sophisticated, yet there is an air of mystery around them. Looks and appearances are everything to them. They have ways of attracting people towards them. They have a small circle of close friends.  They speak their mind and value honesty.  Their style is all about the details, and they’re always on-point. You can gift orchids to your friends admiring their exotic beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, and sophisticated charm. You can gift it to adorn feelings of proud and glorious femininity. Usually, orchids are considered more suitable for feminine and can be given to your friend, sister, and mother.

Bold, Bright, and Empathetic – Peonies:

These people are positive, and they always look ahead to the future. They’re thoughtful and empathetic towards others. They are sweet and caring with a heart of gold, and they believe in true love. They love surprising people, but at the same time, they’re great listeners. They are an elegant dresser. Their style is bold, bright and stylish. Gift them peonies to wish a happy life, good health, a happy marriage, and prosperity. You can give this flower to show your compassion to anyone in your circle.

Thoughtful, confident, and Moody – Tulips:

These people are sensitive, thoughtful and charitable. They are the family person and good friends. They connect easily with people. Their style changes a lot based on their mood, but it is always smooth. Tulips can also have different meanings depending on their color. Gift red tulip to your partner or lover to show perfect or true love. You can gift purple tulips to your friend symbolizing royalty, and white tulips to ask for forgiveness.

You can also consider giving personalized gifts or hampers that consists different presents. If you know them well, pick a hamper which is especially meaningful to them. You can also gift a plant to your family that will grow with the time. A thoughtful gift is an ideal way to tell your family members you’re thinking of them even can’t join them at home.

Today, it’s easy to order flower online that will show up right on your close one’s doorstep. Also, you can choose a gift hamper as per the upcoming festival. And, this will be an ideal gift if you live far away from your family and can’t be there to celebrate the festival. You may be worried about the quality of flowers and timely delivery. Leading online florist such as Bloom2u take advantage of the fresh flowers of the season to prepare stunning bouquets.

If you understand the personality of your loved ones, you can make a holiday memorable for them. But make sure to keep in mind your relationship and what flowers’ color represents. You can read more about various flowers and check for online flowers delivery in Malaysia. You can also add food basket, photo frames or flower basket depending on the occasion.

Send Fruit Baskets Online

Fruit baskets are ideal for holidays, birthdays, congratulations, and get well. If you can’t visit your home on the vacations, simply book a flower basket online and get it delivered to the recipient’s doorstep. This surprise gift will delight their senses of smell, taste, and sight. Nothing makes as exciting a statement of how much you miss then sending a basket overflowing with unblemished, ripe fruit, and complemented with gourmet cheeses and dried fruits or nuts. A gift basket is a perfect way of saying thank you to your family members, friends, and loved ones. You can also make the basket more personalized by adding small presents for the recipient.

Fruit Basket Malaysia

Flowers for Every Occasion

It’s not easy to choose the best gift for your family when you can’t go home in the holidays. Hope this guide will help you make the right buying decision and choose the best flower arrangements for your life partner, parents, kids, and other family members. Always try sending something special that they’ll never forget.

Be it Chinese new year, valentine’s day, farewell, anniversaries, or any other occasions; you should always send flower arrangements and make your close ones feel special. We at Bloom2u offers a beautiful range of flowers and gift hampers that can make the ideal environment for any occasion.

Flower delivery in Malaysia

The Most Professional Flower Delivery at Bloom2u

Bloom2u makes it easy to choose beautiful flowers with its different categories, seeking constant innovation and improvement in services and utilizing the best resources to assure that your order will be placed easily and delivered by an expert professionally. Every floral arrangement at Bloom2u is perfectly arranged by a local florist using only the fresh flowers available – in order to ensure that it delivers in the best condition, ready to be enjoyed quickly.

Hand-Arranged Floral Bouquets at the Best Price

We are pleased to deliver the most beautiful hand-arranged bouquets with the fastest and reliable delivery. Simply choose from high-end roses, lilies, and mixed fresh flower baskets to appealing gift baskets. All these floral arrangements are available online at the most competitive price.

From the heights of happiness to the depths of grief, blooms can enhance the beauty of any occasion. If you are looking for the flower delivery KL, then you have landed at the right place. We at Bloom2u have a compressive range of floral arrangements which are particularly vibrant and can add value to the excitement of any celebration, or lighten someone’s mood in a difficult time. So, whether you are looking for gift hampers or online flower gift baskets in Malaysia, explore our different categories and choose the best floral arrangement & gifts for your partner.

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