How to Choose Flowers for Different Occasions – Flowers Etiquette and Many More

How to Choose Flowers for Different OccasionSending bouquet on a special occasion has always been a popular social convention. Whether it’s New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Weddings, or any other occasion, flowers can change the feel of any moment.  Well, there is always a reason to give flowers to someone you like and you do not always have to wait for a special occasion. Flowers make a difference in all modes and make your loved ones smile. It’s the perfect gift for yourself and for anyone who is special for you.

Why Should You Choose Flowers for Every Occasion?

The beautiful and delicate blooms have amazing hidden magical powers that can vanish even the massive of negativity into thin air.  The green stems and colorful flowers and can add a ‘feel-good’ spell to you. A beautiful floral arrangement produces restful vibe and enhances the environment without overwhelming the fresh decor.

Every flower is a soul blooming in nature. In that manner, they give us many life lessons. Flowers enrich us with happiness even if they consist sharp thorns. They carry a sense of freshness and relax our minds when we are depressed and fatigued. A bouquet made of fresh flowers can uplift our life and purify our surroundings when we are feeling sad.

Flowers Teach Us Many Lessons

Nature is a great teacher; there are lessons to be learned from every creature and creation of the Creator. The blooming blossoms in a garden teach us harmony. We should learn to co-exist from the different kinds of flowers growing together in a garden. They bloom together irrespective of their different colors and hues. It’s a great lesson to be learned from this beautiful creation of the Lord. Flowers have a life cycle of their own. Their lifespan may be short but still, they bloom; splash colors in the nature to mesmerize our senses, gladden our hearts and spread happiness. Even, when they wither, teach us a vital lesson that everything no matter how beautiful must come to an end.

Flowers also teach us that we should treat everyone equally with kindness. They grow in all types of natural surroundings. They are known for sharing their beauty with everyone. Flowers treat everyone equally and have no preferences. Every person can enjoy their beauty without any discrimination.

Flowers are loving, and their presence fills us with happiness. If we are looking to congratulate or wish someone, the very first idea of a present which comes to our mind is a bouquet. Besides, we feel admired when someone sends us flowers as well. If you’ve ever loved someone unconditionally in your life, then you must show your love every single day by giving him/her flowers. Here are some of the special occasions when you must choose flowers for your close ones:

  • Valentine’s Day

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is a classic way of showing your love and affection. Certainly, it may seem a little clumsy to send flowers to your romantic partner on a commercial day, but no matter how anti-all-hearted a person is, they become happy when it knocks on the door and they meet with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Take also the opportunity to do something that goes against the stream and send flowers to friends and acquaintances. Valentine’s Day is not just for the romantic gestures, but you can show your friends that they have a place in your heart.

  • Mother’s Day

In Malaysia, we celebrate Mother’s Day on every 2nd Sunday of May and it is one of the most common days to send flowers. Hopefully, you know your mother well enough to know what kind of flowers she likes. A well-designed bouquet consists bright sunflowers can brighten her day and make her feel relax. Giving her flowers for Mother’s Day is a loving gesture that will tell her that you’ll be there to support her for many years to come. Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different countries, so if you send flowers abroad, it may be worth checking out the day that applies to that country.

  • Birthdays

One of the absolute most popular times for sending flowers. It requires a heart of stone to not get warm inside when a bouquet is sent. Flower bidding is even more special now that it’s almost becoming the standard to send a greeting on Facebook when people fill years. Show that you care a bit, send flowers, you will be sure to distinguish yourself and the recipient will appreciate you doing the little extra.

  • Condolences Flowers for Funeral Purposes

Originally, flowers stand for growth, new life and a forward movement. Flowers provide a sense of warmth and sympathy at a funeral or cremation, but also at grieving people at home. They are not a compulsory expense at a funeral or cremation, but with flowers you can make a good impression of what the deceased meant to you. It is common to send condolence flowers upon the recognition of death. These flowers are delivered to the closest relatives, usually with a small card, where you write a bright memory of the deceased. Previously, the flowers were white, but today it is more common with different pastel-colored flowers.

  • Wedding Anniversary

After the period of falling in love with the beginning of a relationship you will return to reality. You suddenly notice the differences with your partner. Many couples separate because they “no longer feel”. Others are resigned to their fate. But there is still a third way. Only a few people manage to keep the relationship alive. You can also choose to grow, approach, and decide to love the person again which require an effort. Wedding anniversary give you a chance to remember those special moments again and spend some quality time with your partner. You can choose a floral basket or bouquet and send with a personal note. Your partner will be amazed after seeing your special gift.

On anniversaries, one fits the beginning of something, such as a relationship, friendship or another important event. Most common is that you spend this day together with the person you love the most.

  • New parents

Of course, you want to congratulate new parents. A nice thing to do when sending flowers to new parents is to leave a comment when ordering the flower offer and ask the florist to make an extra mini bouquet for the child and attach it to the main bouquet. In this way, care is given to the whole family when sending the flowers. We at Bloom2u have special categories for different occasions, such as when you want to congratulate new born baby and parents. The easiest way is to send the flowers home to the new parents a few days after delivery.

new born baby flowers

  • Say Thanks with Fresh Flowers

You can’t always wait for a special occasion to express your love through a bunch of flowers or a carefully chosen gift. Sometimes you simply want to thank your dear ones for something, but do not have the chance to do it yourself. Then it is great to send flowers with a thank you card. This language is not about whether the gift costs money, but about the intention and the fact that you think about the other person.

No matter it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, or just to show that you likes someone, giving a flower is never wrong.  It does not have to be somebody in love, it can be someone who is ill, a helpful colleague or best friend. Everyone is happy with flowers! Then it can be extra fun to know what different flowers mean and which flower best suits different personalities. You can also send gift basket to your close ones. We at Bloom2u offer the most beautiful range of online flower gift baskets in Malaysia.

What Should You Consider While Choosing Flowers?

There is no real etiquette for giving flowers. Yet there are a number of significant things that you must consider while sending flowers to your close ones:

Flower Essence

For some people, flowers have an underlying meaning. There are general meanings, such as giving roses to your boss’s wife will be seen as a kind of declaration of love. Personal experiences can also play a major role. For example, someone who has worked as a sideline in a rose greenhouse will appreciate roses less than someone who has always had a good thought. Older people often do not like white flowers, because it reminds them of a funeral bouquet. With older people you always bring colored flowers. Furthermore, some flowers have a fixed meaning such as:

  • Yellow flowers: Energy
  • Pink flowers: Romance
  • White flowers: Purity
  • Red flowers: Love
  • Orange flowers: Cheerfulness

In addition, it can also be more specific with the kind of flower:

  • Black roses: It is out
  • Iris: I have a message for you
  • Bamboo: Good luck
  • Crocus: Do not abuse me
  • Jasmine: Sensuality

While Choosing Flowers for a Lady

With a bunch of flowers, you always steal someone’s heart. But according to our flower experts, you can certainly go wrong with the color flower you give. We do not recommend giving yellow flowers to your partner. What is wrong with a flower in that bright color? Not so much, but yellow is the color that symbolizes friendship. And your partner is of course not just a friend of yours. In the case of Valentine’s Day and anniversary, prefer red and pink. Being a safe choice; these colors reflect love and passion. Yellow flowers can be given to actors and artistic characters – a symbol of sunlight and success.

Surprise her with flowersWhite flowers are given on particularly solemn occasions such as weddings. And white lily is also an ideal option to give to every holiday for young girls. It is a symbol of youth and purity. God forbids you to present a bouquet of white lilies to an elderly lady – she can have heavy associations because such bouquets are usually escorted to the final path. Remember, you should not come to the hospital with white flowers, this “color therapy” will not benefit the patient. And no matter how satisfied the patient bouquet is, after discharge, it must be presented to a nurse or a doctor, and it must not be taken home from the hospital under any circumstances.

Red flowers represent love and passion. In a bouquet, it is perfect to combine it with white, yellow and pink. It is not recommended to add it with violet. Red flowers can be given to a friend or family member whom you love very much. But dark red is considered the color of passion (the brighter the color, the stronger the feeling), it is only given to loved ones.

Pink flower is often associated with youth and modesty. Pink flowers should be given to the people of every age and gender in every occasion. This bouquet says “I am good for you!” Versatile and colorful; pink flowers are adored by every person.

Blue flowers are rare but they look classy and unique. A saturated blue color in combination with bright yellow or dazzling white will enchant the eye of each person. Lilac and blue flowers are given to people whose originality they want to emphasize. Bouquet says: “I appreciate your refinement!”

Children give small and delicate flowers of bright, cheerful tones, arranged in small bouquets. For the young girl, it is not common to give bright red flowers.

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Other Flower Etiquettes

Choose Flowers According to the Recipient’s Nature

Flowers can be given for various reasons. But we must consider the nature of the meeting (date of birth, child bride, funerals) and relationship (boss or subordinate, relatives of his wife or high school friends), and age (young girl or woman parent) and gender (man or woman). And it would be good if possible to clarify the taste and preferences of the person to whom the flowers are intended. In business and formal setting ignorance of the basic rules of flower etiquette can lead to far more troublesome situations.

Real gentlemen need to solve several difficult tasks at once while giving a bouquet to any woman including mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts and most importantly wife or girlfriend. How should a bouquet look for each of these women so differently from each other?

Let us try to present some of the floral arrangements “with meaning”:

For Your Girlfriend or Wife

Perhaps this is not the most difficult task. Almost every man has his own positive experience to solve it. Most men of the world, including compatriots, know that the symbol of love is a red rose. More precisely – roses of red tones. A bouquet of such roses is observed just as often in almost all countries. Those who have not mastered the basis of flower etiquette, you need to take the following things into account.

With a certain degree of conditionality, it can be said that the darker and richer the tone of red roses, the stronger the feeling expressed by them. Of course, tulips in all shades can also be considered ideal for your loved one. Every woman will appreciate the beauty and unique character of a lovingly made bouquet.

For a Family Member

A bouquet for grandmother, aunt, sister, cousins are intended to express other emotions such as respect, affection and a sense of related love. For a teenage sister, you can choose a small bouquet of violets, small pink carnations and spray roses, tied with a silk ribbon in the color tone. You should choose white, tender and colorful colors (pink or white and cream roses, or white lilies, and lily of the valley) for young girls.

Unlike girls, young women are approached with bouquets, composed of flowers with open buds. Usually, they are flowers with pink, light and colorful shades. Such bouquets have another advantage: they are considered universal, they can be given to everyone. Bouquets for young women can have different shapes and sizes and are made in both classic and avant-garde styles.

Flowers, intended for adult and older women also have their own details. If preferences are unknown to us, we follow the general rules. White, fairly clear and colorful flowers are more suitable for women of high age. However, if certain wishes are expressed, nothing can form an obstacle to the delivery of colorful bouquet. Besides, houseplants are generally a good and very ordinary gift. A beautifully packaged flower pot looks very impressive. Such gift pleases those who breed flowers and are happy to take care of them. And it is not only women but also men, including bachelors and young employees of companies who are crazy about the floriculture office.Hand Bouquet MalaysiaWhat to Consider while Giving Flowers?

Whether you are going to a birthday party of any other function, you should remember some significant things. Flowers must be kept in the left hand when you are entering the party hall. Give a bouquet immediately after you have entered the apartment, and the gift is already being stripped, in the room. When the flowers are wrapped in plain paper, you should remove them in front of the door and put in a vase without unfolding.

If you accompany the girl, the bouquet must be transferred to the hostess of the house only after the ladies have greeted each other. If you have brought a bouquet for the man-hero, the flowers must still be given to the hostess. Never hold flowers like a broom and do not be afraid of your bouquet! You do not have to get it from a backpack or diplomat. Gifted bouquets must remain in the room where the guests arrive. Tactlessly put them aside or take them to the balcony “to better survive.” A small bouquet can be placed directly on the table, but it does not block the faces of people.

The need or desire to present someone with a bouquet of flowers is quite common. However, this does not always mean the time to seriously think about how the bouquet fits the atmosphere of the meeting. Flowers immediately send our attitude towards the person to whom we provide.

Yet it is much more pleasant to feel competent and understand a bit of what is commonly called floral etiquette.

While Sending Funeral or Condolences Flowers

When losing a loved one, emotions come to mind that is sometimes difficult to put into words. Flowers can be interpreters of those emotions. However, you must take numerous important things into account while giving condolences or sympathy flowers.

A funeral bouquet & Wreath

A funeral bouquet can be delivered to the family at home. The funeral wreath and mourning are not suitable for this. These floral arrangements can be confrontational because of their shape and layout. A wreath or mourning piece is only sent to the funeral home.

You can have funeral flowers delivered to the funeral home or to the family members at home. If there is a note on flowers on the mourning card, it is important to follow them up. It is always good to bring flowers to the grave and place them near the grave.

Funeral Flowers MalaysiaColors

Though you can consider any flower as per the deceased’s nature but some colors are really not suitable. With a very sober ceremony, it is safe not to choose bright colors. Then, you can best go with white which is known as the safest choice in this case. If you know the favorite color of the deceased, this is also a good option. But if you are not sure, you can better omit special colors.

The type of flower you choose depends on the story you want to give the flowers. Since each flower tells its own story, it is useful to get information about this first. The white lily is a widely used flower, but roses do well too. Pink carnations stand for “I will not forget you” and black roses for “it is out”, so unless black roses are someone’s favorite flowers, this is probably not a suitable flower to give at a funeral. To prevent you from giving a message that you do not mean, it is important to get the right information first. There are a number of flowers that have a specific meaning if you get them of spirit.

Religion of the Family

Finally, it is advisable to take into account the religion of the family, as flowers are not common in some cultures or religions. The most common religions where flowers are not part of a funeral are Judaism and Islam, although this can also differ per family.

Most Popular Flowers

From a single flower to a grand floral arrangement, there are a large number of styles, designs, and colours to choose from. But how will you go about making the final decision? You must be wondering what an ideal flower arrangement for a particular person. Here, we are explaining the meaning of each flower that will ultimately help you pick the right flower for any occasion:

  1. Roses – Love

It is known as a symbol of love and beauty. Several writers and poets have been using the Rose as a metaphor for love, beauty, emotion, passion for ages. When it comes to a wedding, the usage of Rose is very common. It is available in different colors and varieties. Sounds strange but more than three thousand species of roses are planted commercially. Rose is an ideal option for your sweetheart and to anyone you love.

  1. Tulips – classic

Tulips stand for perfect love; they are elegant and easy to identify. Since they both convey comfort and warmth, it is a classic and affordable for everyone and every occasion. Symbolizes “happy years,” and “consuming love”; Tulip can be an ideal wedding choice. It is available in a wide variety of colors such as pink, peach, yellow, and vibrant shades such as red, magenta, and purple. From bouquets to table arrangements; the Tulip can intensify casual parties, and workspace amazingly in almost any kind of permutation.

  1. Orchid – luxury

The orchid symbolizes love, beauty, luxury, and strength. It also sends out messages of exotic seduction or lure. Give a beautifully-made orchid bouquet to someone you have crush upon or someone you are wondering to impress. Due to their namesake and exotic appearance, orchids are associated with affection, sexuality, virility, and elegance. If someone gives you an orchid, you can say that it is a little more daring than the one who gives away a dozen roses. Fits to give away to someone who matters something special and you feel well.

  1. Gerbera – Joy

This is a flower that has a lot of character and is recognized for its large flowers in many different and fresh colors, which creates a lot of joy. It also symbolizes beauty, virginity, and purity. Gerbera is an ideal for vibrant and colorful people. Gerbera daisies are preferred by the most women, and people love to combine them with other flowers to deliver the perfect experience for special moments.

  1. Hydrangea – Romantic and Elegant

Comes in the amazing shades of pink, purple, blue, and burgundy; Hydrangea is a symbol of “vanity” which is widely preferred to make bouquets and boutonniere. It is known as the sweet, romantic, elegant and stunning flower. In addition, it is available in many different shades of blue, white, pink and red. Best of all, they can be planted after the flowering in the garden or in the pot on the balcony/balcony. Hydrangea fits the little cool and elegant personality.

The vibrant colors and the freshness of the flowers increase the jubilation manifolds. Be it a single rosebud given to a loved one or a whole bunch of different kinds of flowers; this magical gift brings with it a wave of pleasure, happiness and cheerfulness.

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