A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Bridal Bouquet and Table Flower Arrangement


Flowers have an essential place in our lives. They have been known as a symbol of love, desire, beauty for centuries. We gift flowers to show the feelings of love and happiness. We make use of different types of flowers such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and funeral. The flower arrangements are generally used for wedding, birthday parties, and homes as well. Apart from expressing love and sentiments, flowers can affect our moods. An elegant bouquet of flowers kept in a hospital ward can reduce the anxiety of patients and improve their rehabilitation. Besides, a vase filled with beautiful flowers in the living room, dining hall can create a relaxing setting and enhance the beauty of your home.

Several studies prove that the flowers have healing attributes as well. A bunch of multicolored flowers can create a joyous impact on people’s mind. Moreover, a garden full of colorful flowers is an ideal place to spend some quality time with family and close ones. Flowers also help women to look beautiful and more confident. They are an integral part of several cosmetics that are used by ladies. However, the importance of flowers in our life can never be overlooked.

Importance of Bouquet in Our Lives

A Bouquet carries your personal message and should be gifted thoughtfully with a measure of care. A bouquet with full of red roses may bring a sweet smile from your wife when she gets them on her birthday or wedding anniversary.  A floral bouquet is an amazing gift to remember the birthday of someone who lives away from you. Today, you can find several websites which provide a wide range of flowers online so you can order and deliver them fresh bouquet on a special day.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular kinds of bouquets:

  • Hand-held Bouquets

Floral bouquets can be served for the decoration of homes, wedding halls or may be handheld. Unlikely other bouquets, hand-held or hand bouquets include a lot of flowers and greenery that are tied simply using fabric, ribbon, or twine to give it a simple yet classic look. The handheld bouquets can be divided into different categories or types according to their size, shapes, and styles. Ideal for rustic and bohemian weddings, Hand-held bouquets are known to have a “fresh-picked” feel.

BWDA0032 1

  • Nosegay

It is one of the most popular kinds of bouquets which is also known as tussie-mussie or posy. Nosegay consists a bunch of flowers that are tied tightly with an accenting fabric wrap, doilies, or wire. It looks so beautiful and classic; you can choose the Nosegay bouquet for a sophisticated indoor wedding which focused on the romance. Ideal for brides and bridesmaids, this kind of bouquets are a quite smaller than other bouquets. Nosegay consists leaves which are combined with flowers in a tightly wound arrangement. It is an ideal option for brides who are having a tight budget but still want a pretty flower arrangement.


  • Biedermeier

Comes in a round shape, Biedermeier bouquet consists of a pile of uniformly cut flowers which are tied by fabric or wire. In this style, all the flowers are aligned in the concentric circles, forming a striped impression on your bouquet. Biedermeier are mostly used for an artistic or creative wedding which is full of excitement and strange arrangements.


  • Cascade

Cascade bouquet displays a natural waterfall of florals by using beautiful blooms and greenery. This type of bouquet gives an amazing tapering effect. Cascade bouquet is lavish and can be an ideal option for high-profile weddings, as well as garden weddings. The cascade bouquets provide a touch of sensuality to the bride’s big day collection.


  • Round or Posy

You must have seen Round or Posy Bouquets in several weddings. Being very organized and balanced, this kind of bouquet consists more flower blooms than greenery.Round bouquet can be used for any kind of event. Make sure the colors and flowers you pick match the event. Round or Posy Bouquets are small enough can easily be held in the hands with ease. In this flower arrangement, flowers can be wrapped with ribbon.

round and posy1

  • Composite

Composed of individual petals; it is also known as a glamelia. When it comes to innovation and perfection, you should go with the composite bouquets. You can wire together a set of buds, blooms, and petals in an arrangement that will look like a huge flower. Composite bouquet looks extravagant and sumptuous that make it ideal for the luxurious weddings.


  • Contemporary

No particular form is necessary for the contemporary bouquets. Beautiful flowers and greenery can be arranged at strange angles to create an innovative arrangement. Tropicals work wonderfully with this kind of bouquets. It is known as the most complex arrangement that gives you an opportunity to show your intellectual creativity.


  • Single Stem

Rather than having a bunch of flowers, picking a single flower will give you a modest and humble look. Though, don’t think that this cost-effective bouquet is less for it; the great appearance of a single bloom owned by a gorgeous bride can be a sweet look. Sometimes, it ends up being more impressive than traditional arrangements. If you are looking for a simple, smart, and realistic look, this is the best option for you.

single stem

  • Pomander

Well, this bouquet is widely chosen for kids and flower girls. But, it can also be a great option for your weddings too. Suspended with ribbon or twine, Pomander comes in the form of round ball of flowers. The blooms can also be enhanced with colorful gems and jewel. Pomander is worn on the wrist, so if you are wondering to use your hands in the function, this bouquet is highly recommended.


  • Presentation

Presentation or Pageant bouquets were traditionally used in some competitions like Miss Malaysia, but today they have become an exciting standard of wedding bouquets. This kind of bouquets looks so simple and elegant while fitting easily into the crook of your arms so you can carry it easily.


Meaning of Flowers

Do you understand the language of flowers? Each flower has its own easy pick and meaning. Flowers have always been an important part of weddings. For instance, the orange blossom represents innocence, purity, and beauty. While red rose means love, romance, affection. The meanings of flowers have enchanted people for centuries. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular flowers and their meanings:

Amaryllis Pride
Anemone Forsaken
Angelica Inspiration
Apple blossom Preference
Arborvitae Friendship
Aloe Healing, strength, affection
Bay Glory
Begonia Beware
Bluebell Humility
Basil Good wishes
Bittersweet Truth
Black-eyed Susan Justice
Bachelor’s button Single blessedness
Cumin Fidelity
Chives Usefulness
Coriander Hidden worth
Clover, white Think of me
Carnation Women, Love
Candytuft Indifference
Chamomile Endurance
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
Crocus, Spring Youthful gladness
Cyclamen Resignation and Good-bye
Daffodil Concern
Daisy Innocence, aspiration
Dill Powerful against evil
Edelweiss Strength, Devotion
Fern Honesty
Fennel Flattery
Forget-me-not True love memories
Goldenrod Encouragement
Gardenia Hidden love
Geranium, oak-leaved True friendship
Holly Faith
Hollyhock Goal
Horehound Health
Heliotrope Endless love
Honeysuckle Bonds of love
Hyacinth, Yellow Jealousy
Hyssop Sacrifice, cleanliness
Hyacinth, Blue Constancy of love
Hyacinth, Purple Sorrow, forgiveness, regret
Hyacinth, white Charm, prayers for someone
Hyacinth Games, playfulness, rashness
Ivy Friendship
Iris A message
Jasmine, white Gentle love
Lily, Calla Beauty
Lilac Joy of youth
Lemon balm Sympathy
Lavender Love, honor
Lily-of-the-valley Sweetness
Mint Virtue
Magnolia Nature Love
Marjoram Joy and peace
Lotus Flower Innocence, self-regeneration
Myrtle Good luck
Morning glory Affection
Oak Power
Oregano Substance
Pine Humility
Pansy Thoughts
Parsley Festivity
Poppy, Red Consolation
Pink carnation I will not forget you
Peony Happy life, happy marriage
Rose, Pink Pleasure
Rose, red Love, desire
Rhododendron Danger
Rosemary Remembrance
Rose, White Innocence, heavenly
Rose, yellow Possessiveness
Red Carnation Admiration
Rue Thanks, clear vision
Sorrel Affection
Sage Wisdom, Glory
Salvia, Blue I think about you
Salvia, Red Forever mine
Savory Relish, interest
Sunflower Affection
Sweet pea Happiness
Sweet William Gallantry
Sweet Woodruff Humility
Southernwood Constancy, jest
Tansy Hateful thoughts
Tarragon Enduring interest
Tulip, red Declaration of love
Thyme Courage, Power
Valerian Readiness
Violet Faith, faithfulness,
Yellow carnation Failure, rejection
Willow Sadness
Wallflower Faithfulness in adversity
Yarrow Everlasting love
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends


Each flower has its own meaning and purpose. If you know the meaning of every flower and their colors, then it’s easy to pick the right flowers for any event, party, or wedding.

The Most Popular Wedding Blossoms

If you need to attend the marriage of your friend and having difficulty choosing the flowers from the wide range of varieties available, then check out the list of some of the most preferred wedding blossoms:

  1. Rose

It is known as a symbol of love and beauty. Several writers and poets have been using the Rose as a metaphor for love, beauty, emotion, passion, for ages.When it comes to a wedding, the usage of Rose is very common. It is available in different colors and varieties. Sounds strange but more than three thousand species of roses are planted commercially.

Three types of roses are mainly used in weddings:

  • Hybrid tea roses
  • Garden roses
  • Spray roses

But, you need to be very careful while choosing the rose for the wedding ceremony.

  1. Tulip

Symbolizes “happy years,” and “consuming love”; Tulip can be an ideal wedding choice.It is available in a wide variety of colors such as pink, peach, yellow, and vibrant shades such as red, magenta, and purple. From bouquets to table arrangements; the Tulip can intensify both wedding settings and other casual parties, and work amazingly in almost any kind of permutation.

Some of the most common varieties are:

  • Dutch tulips
  • Parrot tulips
  • French tulips

Perfectly chosen Tulip can completely change the overall appearance of the bouquet that you are going to give your closed one.

  1. Calla Lily

Widely known as the arum lily, this beautiful, trumpet-shaped flower is originated in Africa. It indicates magnificent beauty and can be used for presentation-style bouquets and tall arrangements. The miniature version of Calla Lily is ideal for boutonnieres and nosegays. Some of the most popular colors of calla lily are creamy ivory, mauve-pink, yellow, orange, and dark purple.

  1. Lily of the Valley

With bell-shaped florets hanging from a thin stem, the lily of the valley looks adorable. The gentle, perfumed fragrance from its small flowers can change the feel of your ambiance. In Norse conviction, the Lily of the Valley is linked to the goddess of springtime – “Ostara”.However, it is an expensive option which remains available in the springtime. An affordable option will be to use just a few stems to create a nice bouquet. It is available in two colors:

  • White Lily of the Valley (most popular)
  • Rosy-pink (less preferred)
  1. Hydrangeas

Comes in the amazing shades of pink, purple, blue, and burgundy; Hydrangea is a symbol of “vanity” which is widely preferred to make bouquets and boutonniere. Bases on the acid level of the soil, it flourishes from bubble-gum pink to sky blue. This scentless shrub flower looks different with its big bushy head. It is commonly available in various shades such as green, pink, white, burgundy, and blue.

  1. Peony

The peony is known for its huge, bright color, and strong perfume. But despite its obvious adornment, the flower is a symbol of “bashfulness.” which has been grown in Asia and France for more than a thousand years. Peony can be used to make beautiful centerpieces and other flower arrangements. It is available in two types:

  • Herbaceous
  • Tree peony

A bouquet made of peonies can capture the hearts of your guests. This expensive floweret is available in late spring and early summer.

  1. Ranunculus

If you are seeking an affordable option to roses or peonies, then you must try multi-petaledRanunculus.Known as the relative of buttercup, Ranunculus was firstly found in the East around the thirteenth century. Ranunculus consists several flowerets on a stem and can be a perfect for bridal bouquet or bridesmaid nosegays.You can also use it for a whimsical boutonniere.It is available in several colors such as white, pink, yellow, and orange.

  1. Stephanotis

Stephanotis is a symbol of “marital happiness. It comes with a dainty white Stephanotis that make it an ideal choice for weddings. Besides, the star-shaped florets on a flowering vine look adorable. You need to arrange then into a special holder with a wire or ribbon.A bouquet made of stephanotis flowers is one of the most popular choices a bride can carry and attracts the eyes of many. Boutonniere made of classic stephanotis can be an excellent choice for a formal wedding.

  1. Sweet Peas

Widely preferred by English bride and her bridesmaids, Sweet Peas indicate “lasting pleasure”. It is available in a different color range such as purple, intense pink, and white. The ruffled blossoms and candy-like scent make it the most suitable choice for wedding ceremonies.

  1. Gardenia

Enclosed by dark green yet waxy leaves, the beautiful gardenia flower is another most popular wedding blossom. Comes in white and pale yellow, the flowers are solitary. Grows from mid-spring to mid-summer; some of its species are well scented. A single gardenia can also be used to make a well-scented corsage or hair accessory.

  1. Alstroemeria

Available in white, orange, apricot, golden yellow, lavender, and purple color; Alstroemeria is also called as a Lily of the Incas or Peruvian Lily. It is a symbol of friendship, wealth, prosperity, fortune, and devotion. It flourishes during early summer or late spring. The genus Alstroemeria comprises of 50 species. Having no fragrance; Alstroemeria flowers are known to have a vase life of around two weeks. The modern Alstroemeria plants (hybrid) are produced in a laboratory. They stop growing flowers in too hot conditions.

  1. Amaryllis

Available in only one species, Amaryllis can be found in the Caribbean, Central & South America. It contains the Belladonna Lily that is also known as the Amaryllis belladonna lily. It is a very colorful and showy flower which symbolizes splendid beauty or pride. 5-60 cm tall and 1-3 cm in diameter; Amaryllis is known for giving colorful flowers. With various color appearances and dark red markings; Amaryllis flowers look so beautiful. Comes with a narrow, flat leaves, they can be found throughout the world.

15 Amazing Centerpiece and Table Arrangement Ideas

Apart from Bouquets, Flowers are also used to decorate centerpieces. It is an essential piece of a display that bring extras decorations to any room, hall, party, and wedding venue.You can’t think about your dinner decoration without using centerpiece made of beautiful flowers. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular centerpieces you’ll need to re-create for your wedding day:

1. Pedestaled Blooms

You can make your centerpiece look more elegant while using pedestal vases. They’re ideal for table arrangements with some hanging items such as seeded eucalyptus or jasmine vine. If you’re planning to host a black-tie event, you should choose pedestals in gold or silver to upgrade the blooms.

Pedestaled Blooms

2. Boxed Succulents

Succulents endow texture to a perfectly-decorated flower arrangement. You can use them with some elegant flowers such as dahlias, roses, and eucalyptus in order to give the arrangement more modern look. The boxed centerpieces set a special atmosphere which is ideal for easy conversation among the guests.

boxed Succulents


3. Driftwood Accents

You can make a unique statement while using a single item such as a pleasant piece of driftwood. Chic greens with a bunch of fresh orchids can boost the appearance of this arrangement. Besides, you can use a lucite tray that will give the centerpiece a modern look.

Driftwood Accents

4. Vintage Books

If you are wondering to add a traditional touch to your flowers, then you can use make a pile of some books and put it in the center of your table. You can even pair it with tapers and brass candle holders to give a classic style. If you add some accessories to the table, you won’t need to use a wide collection of flowers.

Vintage Books 5. Floral Terrariums

Place your favorite flowers in a glass jar or terrarium. Make sure the flowers go well with the type of party you are organizing.  Most people prefer using spray roses instead of putting greens and moss. You need to choose the vessels that express your wedding style.

Floral Terrariums

6. Just-Picked Stems

Want to give your table arrangement a just-picked appearance, then add flowers to the base of wheatgrass and see the magic. Besides, you can pick some stems to give it a smart look. Most people prefer this style for a backyard bridal shower and garden wedding.

Just-Picked Stems

7. Hanging Hydrangeas

If you want to get rid of some boring table arrangements, then you must try using hanging hydrangeas. Hanging flowers with beautiful floral installations will definitely draw your guest’s eyes’ upward. You can even use hanging candles to create a romantic ambiance.

Hanging Hydrangeas

8. Woodland Moss

Woods will undoubtedly give a unique style to your wedding reception. A combination of blooms and moss table will provide a forest-like feel to your wedding. Moreover, you can use candles and mismatched vessels to create an eclectic and romantic vibe.


Woodland Moss9. Rustic Roses

When it comes to setting the table, balance is a key. The antlers and romantic roses placed with mercury glass dishes can enhance the beauty of your table. The linen runner blends with the wood tones and produces more luxurious feel.

Rustic Roses

10. Towering Taper Candles

Think about an all-white reception with natural greenery! With some beautiful taper candles, you can give an unusual look to your formal tables. You should pair lush with the candlesticks to build a real wow factor.

towering Taper Candles

11. Ornamental Kale

You can also prefer using ornamental kale and berries to create a rustic centerpiece. To make more edible arrangements, you can try in-season vegetables and fruits.

Ornamental Kale

12. Nautical Lanterns

If you are planning to host a beach side party, you must go with this arrangement. Choose some statement lanterns and keep them with fresh flowers. You need to use glass panes to make your candles stay lit even in the stiff ocean breeze. Furthermore, you can use some flowers or other nautical accessories to make it more elegant.

Nautical Lanterns13. Pretty Proteas

From bridal bouquets to chair decor, Proteas are widely used in the table arrangements today. People admire the prehistoric-looking blossom for its fullness and energy in centerpieces. You can pair the Proteas with softer stems, garden roses to give a more balanced look.

Pretty Proteas

14. Ginger Jars

It is another most popular yet unique ways to decorate the table. You need to use floral vessels and ginger jars to create a vibrant arrangement. Moreover, you can use different citrus accents such as lemons and kumquats. With all these additions, you can give your table setting a completely fresh feel.

Ginger Jars

15. Flower Boxes

It could be an unexpected yet amazing experience for your guests. You need to ask your online florist to use the classic vase for wood boxes. A combination of flowers and heights give this style a comfortable and organic feel which is an ideal option for a rustic celebration.

Flower Boxes


With this 15 table or centerpiece arrangements, you can make your party look more interesting and beautiful. Make sure to use fresh flowers while decorating the tables. You can buy fresh flower bouquet online from bloom2u. We offer a wide range of fresh flowers for several occasions.

The Most Popular Flower Arrangements

Looking forward to hosting a wedding reception or planning to celebrate a birthday party, you need to be very choosy while decorating the venue. You are not supposed to just come up with the old-fashioned flower arrangements. You can create an awesome flower arrangement on your own with the following tips:

  • The fan-shaped flower arrangement

It is one of the most popular flower arrangement styles preferred by the most people. In this arrangement, the leaves and flowers are organized in the form of a fan. The leaves look like the flower blades. You can also try using differently colored flowers to make it look more elegant.The empty place within the flower arrangements can be fulfilled with the help of fillers. They look impressive with pleasant shape and size.

fan shaped or fans 2

  • Elliptical flower arrangement

The flowers are placed in the form of an ellipse in the elliptical flower arrangement. Some of the most common flowers are roses, dahlia, lotus, sunflowers, tuberoses, and lilies are mainly used in this type of flower arrangement. For this purpose, most people use bright flowers that are sweetly scented. Generally, they are bouquet arrangement that could be ideally presented for the wedding, birthday, and other kinds of parties. They look appealing in looks. You must take care of color combination while working on elliptical flower arrangement.

Elliptical 2 Elliptical

  • Vertical flower arrangement

It is another most popular flower arrangement that can be used as flower baskets as well as bouquets. It is basically a combination of different kinds of flowers. A diverse of colors and shapes are used for this kind of arrangements. Vertical flower arrangements are cherished by most buyers. When it comes to decorating a wedding venue, there is no better option than a vertical flower arrangement.


  • Horizontal flower arrangement

Horizontal flower arrangement is preferred by the most flower designers and florist companies all around the world. The different kinds of flowers are organized in rows or on zig zag basis in this kind of arrangements. You should prefer using strongly scented or fragrant flowers.


  • Triangular flower arrangement

Triangular in shape; it is one of the most beautiful flower arrangements. A whole bunch of flower is trimmed in the form of a triangle. You will usually find a big flower in the middle, making the flower arrangement more sophisticated. Finally, the flower bouquet is wrapped with the transparent glossy or cellophane papers.

fan shaped or fans

  • The crescent flower arrangement

It is also known as the C-type flower arrangement in which stem fillers and green leaves are used with the freshly plucked flowers. Enhanced by glossy flower wraps and leaves, the flower basket with this beautiful arrangement looks so pleasant. The flowers and fillers can be tied with satin made of colorful ribbons.

  • The ‘S’ shaped flower arrangement

Comes in a shape of ‘S’; it is a different kind of flower arrangement which is gaining popularity nowadays. Several leaves and floral fillers are used to make a big size flower arrangement. Available in the form of bouquets and baskets, they can completely enhance the look and feel of your place.

  • The oval-shaped flower arrangement

Comes in the oval-shaped, this kind of flower arrangements are preferred by most of the online buyers. The leaves and green stems are cut and trimmed in the form of an oval to make the flower arrangement look more beautiful. Available in bunches, bouquets, baskets, this flower arrangement looks solid and bushy. They are widely used for ceremony hall decoration and other interior decoration purposes.

oval shaped

  • The cascade flower arrangement

Apart from flowers, stems, and leaves, a fresh green grass is also used to make this type of flower arrangement. It is mostly prepared in bouquets and decorated in the wedding ceremonies. If you are going to prepare or buy this flower arrangement, then always prefer fresh fragrance and gorgeous color.

A corsage is a small flower bouquet which is worn on a woman’s dress. On a formal occasion; Women can also wear it around her wrist. It is traditionally gifted by the woman’s fiancé or husband at some place. You can see this kind of flower arrangements at proms, homecomings, or other similar events. In some countries, it is also carried by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride at a marriage ceremony. Besides, the young women can also wear a corsage on their wrist for a prom party, homecoming ceremony or other formal occasions.


All these flower arrangements mentioned above are provided by the well-known florist companies in Malaysia. You need to consider following things while choosing the flowers and decorating the party venue:

Pink Is Perfect

  • Make sure to choose the cohesive color schemes (people choose pink).
  • Lightly wrap the stems with wire or ribbon and place carefully in a vase.
  • You can also fill the gaps with fresh peas or other small flowers.
  • Also, consider the shape and height while arranging bigger lilac stems beside the top and back.
  • You should start the arrangements by decorating the blooms in your hand, putting the bigger flowers near the bottom of the group.
  • Place some greenery leaves near the base to create a casual “rim” for modern flower arrangement.

Around the Rim

  • Fresh flowers placed in a silver bowl create a perfect table centerpiece which is enough to allow easy conversation.
  • You can use moistened floral foam in lightweight containers that provide short stems with more stability.
  • Fresh flowers placed in a silver bowl create a perfect table centerpiece which is enough to allow easy conversation.
  • Keep white strawberries on the edges of the bowl and then place light-colored roses around the base to create a classic arrangement.
  • Use fresh peas, and pansies with beautiful roses to fill the gaps and create an elegant flower arrangement.

Compare and Contrast

  • You should use vague, vibrating colors in a bouquet to add drama to the arrangement.
  • Besides, you can choose dark blossoms in the same shade to make the color impact more noticeable.
  • Besides, you can use wide greens of ivy, euphorbia, and hosta to make the arrangement look more luxurious.

Easy Three-Tiered Arrangement

  • Long-stem flowers are perfect for big bouquets.
  • You can use zinnias and China asters in the shades of pink to balance light and dark colors.
  • First, place the largest flowers in the vase and cut the stems of other flowers to make it look more arranged.
  • You can fill the gaps with wild verbena and fresh peas.

Blue Bunches

  • Blue and violet are known as the harmonizers that can mix with different colors and create tranquility.
  • To give it an artistic twist, you can use small bunches of tulips, irises in any shade.
  • Make sure to place the brightest flower in the center while putting the flowers in a vase.
  • You can also use a few leaves of greenery to offset the rich colors.

Far-Reaching Arrangement

  • Gladiolus is one of the most beautiful plants that blend well with others and give instant drama and bright.
  • You can use a large vase or container to keep the hearty gladiolus. Most people prefer using a brightly colored pot.
  • Make sure to place the gladiolus in the container first and spread them to close the arrangement.
  • You can use round clusters of Ornithogalum to ground the arrangement.

Line Them Up

  • Peonies are known as one of the luxurious flowers. You can even use them for a casual arrangement.
  • Choose the large flowers that will give a lot of impact to your flower arrangement.

Use Your Veggies

  • Flowering cabbage and kale can be a surprising addition to your flower arrangement.
  • You can make this arrangement more beautiful by adding two heads of cabbage in a pot.
  • You can balance this arrangement using lighter-color blossoms with the cabbage heads.

Time has been Changed – Men Also Love Flowers

Time was when sending flowers to a man was almost unheard of. Since no man wanted to confess that he also likes to smell the roses and other beautiful flowers. But today it’s not surprising to see a guy going to the spa for a mud bath, or sitting in a salon for a manicure. And for every guy, there is a flower! (for some individuals, it may still be a plant.) Nevertheless, most of the guys do not reveal that what types of flowers he likes. At the same time, they also want their sole mate to gift them flowers. If you are confused what flowers are most appropriate to send to men, then the following section will help you a lot.  Let’s have a look at the brief details of flowers that you can gift your guy in the form of bouquet or basket:

Colors and arrangements that are suitable to send to men

Most women think that men only love black, blue and white but it’s not a case. There are several colors you can choose, but it’s always better to avoid pastel colors or arrangements that are considered as busy colors. You should choose the monochromatic (masculine) palettes i.e. robust sunflower bouquets or dendrobium orchid bouquets in purple or white for your loving guy.

Our survey reveals that most guys do not enjoy tropical flowers as they have a strong appearance. Contemporary floral arrangements with a natural style have always been a great choice for the guys. Some flowers can express strong feelings such as:

  • Daisy – loyalty
  • Bamboo – good luck
  • Yellow Rose – friendship
  • Alstroemeria – devotion
  • Red Rose – romantic love
  • Chrysanthemum – friendship

For outdoorsmen, you should always try a rustic natural arrangement. You can also give a personal touch to the bouquet by adding the things your man likes the most. You can also consider a bonsai plant which is known to have definitively masculine appeal.

Ideal Occasions to send flowers or bouquets to the men

Though, bouquets can be gifted on any occasion, and a man loved to get them for the same reasons they give them. You can prefer birthdays and anniversaries as there are considered as ideal events to return the gesture. Besides, you could give them a decent bouquet to wish them a success at work. Remember, if your man goes to an office, then a bouquet of roses may be the best present to send to him at work. A barbecue or party is also known as a right time to give flowers to a man.

In the final words, bouquets for males are the same type of gift they are for females: a gift of love and joy. So, if you want to express your love to your loving guy – just send him flowers or well-prepared bouquet.

Arranging flowers and decorating the table is easier than you believe. Hope this blog will help you choose the right flowers and become the best host ever. Nowadays, several people are ordering flower bouquets online and getting delivery in the right at their destination at a very affordable price.If you are going to buy wedding flowers online in Malaysia, then always go with the well-known website such as bloom2u.In a very short time frame, our website has become the most preferred choice of users. We have a team of well-skilled professionals having expertise in arranging the flowers while using the right color combinations for any occasion.

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