Focus on Style with Replacement Windows

Finding the right replacement windows involves lots of research and discussions with contractors. How can you narrow your options and find the best replacement windows for your home?

Styles New and Old
One important place to start is with the window style. As you narrow down replacement window styles, look at your existing windows and the architectural elements of your home. Take special note of the sizes and shapes, as well as how the window opens and closes.

Older homes often have double-hung windows, which have interior and exterior sashes that slide vertically. Newer houses might have casement windows that feature large areas of clear glass and typically open outward. Each creates a different architectural effect and changes the overall look of your home remodeling project.

Replacement: Merging Window Styles
If you are buying replacement windows for a room addition, look for a style that blends with your existing windows. The window can be larger or smaller, but should carry through the same shape, trim, and accents.

The details of the window also should be a factor. If you have windows with a divided light pattern, those details should carry through to the replacement windows. This will show consistency and make the room addition appear to be part of the original house.

Talk to a Contractor
Some houses have a mix of styles, which makes remodeling tricky. The best bet is to talk with a window contractor about which replacement window style more closely blends with the house. The contractor would look at the architectural style, the roof lines, exterior materials, and other features.

The style of your replacement windows can have a big affect on the overall look of the home. Talk with your contractor early in the process to ensure you are focusing on the right style for your housing design.

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