Men Love Flowers Too

There’s not a women in the world that doesn’t love receiving flowers. And, the dirty little secret is that men privately love receiving them as well!

So, with both women and men loving flowers, when was the last time you sent flowers to a patient or center of influence?

Imagine the impact you would have on a patient when they receive a bouquet from your office… at their place of employment. How could they not gush about their chiropractor?

Flowers transcends all age groups. One of your patient’s kid wins a championship… send flowers to the kid with your congratulations. WOW… getting closer to a patient for life!

A center of influence… doctor, attorney, business leader, wins an award of makes a presentation or send you a referral… send flowers!

L love getting flowers. I wish I got them more often! When was the last time you received flowers? How did you feel? If you haven’t received any flowers… how does that make you feel?

Sending flowers to some deserving your recognition is surprise marketing at its best. When you surprise someone, you bring a smile to their face and you make an emotional connection, which build your relationship.

And, when you do something nice for someone, the Law of Reciprocity kicks in. The recipient feels an innate obligation to return the favor. Does a referral come to mind?

You can send flowers on their birthday… to the office! You can send on their anniversary… wedding and patient. You can send to the hospital if they are suffering. You can send to your employee… at their home. You can send each time you get a referral from a patient or center of influence.

There are literally a bunch of events that could trigger sending flowers.

Floral Enhancement

You can contact local florists and let them know what you have in mind and seek a discount. This is a good time to suggest a floral arrangement in your office, with a placard denoting them as your official florist.

If you have a patient loyalty plan, you could suggest the florist become a marketing alliance partner and participate in your program to encourage your patients to use his shop.

You can have a variation of arrangements for price points and gender of the recipient. Avoid traditional “love” flowers as that is not the emotion you are seeking to create!

Add the Bling

Once you have established a budget and arrangement specifications, it’s time to “brand” your floral arrangement.

Add a branded note card that will be attached to each arrangement. You can dictate the message or have standard messages that are selected when you order the arrangement.

We are not done yet. This is the ultimate “branding.” Provide the florist with laser-etched branded glass vases! Yes, you can get some really nice vases and have your brand/logo etched into the vase for that over-the-top positioning.

Picture it. A florist delivers an arrangement to a patient… at work… along with your “branded” notecard and then they spot your logo etched on the vase! That’s not only a “surprise” but a WOW!

Your thoughtfulness will be remembered every time they re-use your vase!

Peak your practice with flowers.

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