Why Woman Love Flowers

Try giving a woman a bouquet of red roses and at the very least, you’ll see her crack a grin, even if she’s not the type to gush over the beauty of flowers. Each woman has her own unique personality and there is no universal reason as to why flowers evoke such positive reactions from them. It can be said that it is not so much the flowers themselves but the meaning and thought behind it that makes women giggle like high school teenagers.

Imagine this scene in your mind: you’re in your office doing regular boring chores when out of the nowhere, a friend that you haven’t seen or heard from in a while has a bouquet of one dozen roses delivered to you. In almost all certainty, this is going to make a positive difference in your day. Everything that seemed so important five minutes ago no longer seems so, at least for a few ecstatic moments. Why? Because someone you respect took the time and the effort to let you know that he or she is thinking of you, even if you no longer spend as much time together as you used to. In one flower delivery, so much was said about your friendship and enduring love for each other even of no words where exchanged. This is a magical feeling that very few gifs can evoke.

It’s the meaning of flowers that draws positive responses from people. Every single color and type of flower comes with its own traditional meaning and sentiment – symbolisms that have been developed through time. In fact, roses in particular have their own language. Traditionally speaking, a rosebud means young love or youth, whereas a mature rose symbolizes lasting love or gratitude. White roses can mean that you view the recipient as innocent-and childlike, where a pink rose shows that you are happy and content. We all know that red roses signify true love, but a red rose bud symbolizes a deeper, purer, more passionate love. Many people combine red roses with white roses to give the message of unbreakable unity. These meanings are not often talked about or memorized but for some reason, people understand them perfectly.

To a lot of women, it does not really matter what each color means or what bloom stage a flower stands for. Most of the time people don’t know about the traditional meaning of flowers. Despite this, a lot of women have felt giddy with happiness whenever they receive flowers from their boyfriends, especially if comes delivered as a surprise. It doesn’t matter if one receives a red rose bud or a pink rose in full bloom. The fact that someone took the trouble to send roses as a reminder of his love and affection is enough to keep ladies smiling like a love-struck teenager for the rest of the day.Why

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